Steps Entailed in Cross Update of Digital Content across Different Social Media

social media shareYou must have noticed that when a new article appears on any social media site, that same is updated automatically across different websites. The strategy of publishing the content across different social media is at times automated and sometimes manual. Many of the social media websites do not allow automated process of publishing the content. You can opt for the servers that allow immediate cross-post updates across different social media channels. This is because the handcrafted updates perform better in comparison to the automated ones. Often with the help of the Buffer and Google + you can share a message across different social media.

Update with a click

With the advent of cross-update, now the discussion is not which social network you are connected to but, to how many networks you are connected to. So, now you do not have to worry about updating the content across different networks. Just update in one site and the content will be updated across different websites. You can opt for a number of tools that can help you in this regard. These tools help in sharing even the images across different social media websites. Just with a click of the mouse, you can update various contents across different social media network.

Tools of cross updating

Buffer helps in sharing images and other contents easy across the various social updates. With few clicks of your mouse, you can share the content. When you are on the page, just scroll the mouse on the image or the content that you want to share, and you will notice a Buffer icon adjacent to the area. A click on the icon will help you to update the image. The update contains the actual image as well as a link to the main page. A free version is also available, but you can share across only limited social media with the same.

social media share

Automated update of content

If you want, automated updates of the content, then IFTTT is a good option. Almost forty-seven apps are included in the same that helps in automation of the process. Irrespective of host of opportunities catered by IFTTT, you can avail this app free. If you are a novice then, IFTTT is a good option because it is rather an easy option. There are different IFFTTT recipes that import the images from the RSS Feeds and then you can upload the same on different social media networks. You need to remember the criteria for different social network pages vary.

Know the criteria

For instance, Facebook, Twitter allow automatic cross post of the different contents whereas Google plus allows manual updates of the same. If you want to share your content on Google+ then you need to do it manually. It allows only to remove the description and the image, but you cannot edit the title. You can also use different dashboards catered by the social media networks for cross-update of posts. Often these services are free of cost, but for few you have to pay the package. However, prior to the cross-post, you need to know whether the site allows automatic or manual updates.


Image credits to : TopRank Online Marketing