CS:GO: essence, history, and who to follow

Today, the topic of eSports is not a mystery. It is already perceived by people as on a par with other types of competition. However, there are still many who do not know the important points of this topic. Expert Volodymyr Huda has described a lot about one of the most popular of them – CS:GO: its history, meaning, where to start, who to follow, and much more. Learn about pro teams at https://profilerr.net/cs-go/pro-teams/ and dive into the world of cybersport with Profilerr.

Counter-Strike – what is it about?

Counter-Strike is a series of online first-person shooters. Simply put, “shooter”. In the main mode, players are divided into two teams of 2, 5, or 10 participants (most often – 5).

The terrorist team must plant and protect the bomb at one of the marked points or get rid of the enemies within the specified time. Special forces team – to defuse an explosive device. However, if it is not laid, it is enough only to kill the team of terrorists or survive until the end of the timer.

playing counter strike

Placing a bomb stops/resets the round’s total timer and starts its own. If the explosives are not defused in time, the special forces team will be defeated. To achieve the goal, each participant buys weapons, equipment, etc. In general, they are the same, but each team has its own variations of certain items.

The player receives money for killings, planting, or defusing bombs (individually); and rounds won (for the whole team). Frags from different weapons can give different rewards.

All weapons that the player bought but did not use remain with him until he dies in one of the rounds. That is why many athletes prefer to lose a round but to survive and keep expensive weapons.

How did the CS:GO discipline grow?

The most relevant part today is Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. However, she had many predecessors. CS 1.6 is the first thing that comes to mind. This is probably the part where sponsors have just started to invest serious money and run large-scale cyber tournaments.

It was then that such teams as NaVi, and so on were just born, but more on them later. Also, this part gave us legendary moments that were unique at the time. There is an inconspicuous bomb disposal, insane clutches, and noscopes.

However, even before that, Counter-Strike held tournaments. However, less large-scale. It was then that the game gained popularity among ordinary players, who were able to prove themselves in new versions.

However, even if you compare CS 1.6 and CS:GO, the difference will be huge. This is not surprising: thanks to the significant improvement of graphics, mechanics, and balance, the game received a new wave of fame that has not subsided even today.

Where and how to follow CS:GO tournaments?

I think the essence of this discipline is already clear. What to do when you want to start following her?

Unfortunately, eSports competitions, including CS, are not broadcast as openly as football, boxing, etc. However, watching the game is still not a big problem. Live broadcasts are mainly shown on the streaming platform Twitch, and recordings are available both on Profilerr and on other sites. However, I would recommend watching already-played matches on YouTube: there, regular users post both full games and compilations of the best moments. It is enough to simply kill in search of the name of the teams and the tournament.

To follow the events more easily, I recommend Profilerr.net. This is an English-language project, but it is made in such a way that everyone can understand it.

Which tournaments should be followed, for example, by players from the USA? The two main CS:GO competitions are the Major and the ESL Pro League with the volume of the US market is 900 million dollars, and the audience covers people of 16–60 years. The first tournament is from the developers of the game itself, and the second is from one of the oldest and largest eSports organizations.

Who should you root for?

Well, let’s say you are seriously passionate about watching professional teams play. However, as in many other sports, the question arises: who should we root for?

This question is purely individual, but I just have to list some of the top and most famous teams in the discipline. Maybe you will like them.

Complexity Gaming

The team ranks 11th in CS:GO discipline. Current lineup: k0nfig, RUSH, jks, poizoN, blameF.

For a perfect gaming setup you can read this post.

They started their journey back in 2003. A few years later, she achieved some success, winning several prestigious tournaments at the time. However, already in 2007, Complexity lost momentum. Since then, her victories have been very erratic. And this year, she seems to have every chance to shine in ESL. They have already beaten NaVi who is among the best teams in the discipline.

I think this club should not be underestimated, and everyone should watch their game at least once. Overall win rating: 52%.


A relatively young club, founded in 2016. Already a year later, they won the Major tournament. It’s a really impressive result and the boys are still holding the bar.

The team takes 2nd place in the same rating. At the moment, the team consists of: device, dupreeh, Xyp9x, Magisk, gla1ve, Bubzkji. Their game is really worth watching, if only because the overall win rating is 77%.

Natus Vincere

Not everyone knows about the successes of the Ukrainian team, founded in 2009. There are just a lot of people who are not at all interested in eSports, but still heard about Oleksandr Kostylev, who we know as S1mple. The matches of this team have long gone down in history, the players are not even close to stopping.

However, the team is recognized all over the world, and many of their moments have been immortalized by the game developers in graffiti on various maps. Today, the team is on the 4th place in the CS:GO world ranking. Current lineup: flamie, s1mple, electronic, boombl4, Perfecto, and the win rating is 64%.

Gambit Esports

Now the team occupies the first step of the world ranking of the discipline. It was founded in 2013 and is famous for many prize places, including victories at the Major. This club also gave us many cool moments.

Team composition: Hobbit, interz, Ax1Le, sh1ro, nafany. The overall win rating is 56%.

These are just some of the teams you should “get to know”. I have chosen the most interesting clubs in my opinion, and it is up to you to follow them or not.

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