Top Gaming Gadgets Of The Holiday Season

concentration in gamingThroughout the world on Christmas morning many children as well as adults were opening the gifts that were left under the Christmas tree.  Many of these packages included gaming devices.  There are many different types of gaming gadgets that could have been purchased for gifts and now that it is after Christmas the gaming systems have gone on sale to clear out the old models to make room for the new models.  There are many different types of gadgets that can be purchased right away.  Read on to learn more.

Sony Playstation 4

When you are out shopping for your new gaming gadget you will find that there are many similarities between several of them.  For example the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One are very similar.  However the main difference is that if you decide to purchase the Playstation 4 you will be receiving access to a very large selection of titles as well as third party games that will look and operate much better on the Sony model rather than the Xbox.  The cost for this system is one an average of $399 but you will find games here that you will not find anywhere else.

Razer Blade

If you have some extra pocket cash that you can part with you might be interested in the Razer Blade.  This is a system that will not be cheap to purchase at the minimum cost of $2200 or more but you will find that it is the best gaming laptop available.  Other than the cost of this product the other downside to this system is that the battery life is not very good but on a good note the display is very sharp with a display of 3,200 x 1,800.

concentration in gaming

Xbox One

If you are someone who loves to work with Microsoft products you might find yourself drawn to the Xbox One.  This gaming system had a rough start but over the last year has made some changes to bring the system to the top of the holiday purchase list.  This system will cost you around $350 but will also have monthly updates to keep the system running as it should.  It comes highly recommended.

Playstation Vita

If a portable gaming system is more of something that you are looking to purchase you might be interested in the Playstation Vita.  When compared to 3DS XL the DS will come recommended over the Vita but if you can afford to purchase two systems the Vita should be taken into consideration.  The Vita is a little larger than the 3DS, which makes it less portable but will come with a large screen that is five inches big and instead of buttons you will have two thumb sticks.  This makes maneuvering the games much easier.  You will also be happy with the library filled with hit games.

Nintendo 3DS XL

The top rated and recommended gaming system is the Nintendo 3DS XL.  This is especially true if you are looking for a portable handheld gaming system.  The cost is not too expensive and will cost you approximately $200.  The good news with this game system is that the library of games is large and you will not have to strain to touch the controls.

When you are shopping for a new gaming system you might be overwhelmed by the selection that is out there for you to select from.  Now that the holidays are over it is the time to buy and you will probably be able to find the gaming system you want on sale for a price that will fit your pocketbook.

Image credits to Steven Andrew