Cost Of E-commerce App Development For Your New Business

eCommerce apps have quickly gained popularity over the past several years due to increasing eCommerce sales and rising online shopping cart abandonment rates. Mobile eCommerce apps are quickly becoming a necessity in our increasingly time-starved society!

Mobility commerce apps are integral in reaching an ever-increasing number of smartphone users worldwide, providing businesses with an essential tool to enhance online sales and provide customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

However, an eCommerce mobile application development app takes time and effort, particularly in estimating costs. Therefore, conducting a cost analysis to establish the necessary resources and budget for app creation is imperative.

Cost of ecommerce app development for new business

ECommerce app cost calculations depend on many variables, including features you wish to include, such as technology stack, feature-rich functionalities, payment methods, resources available to your team and how quickly their processes run.

What is an eCommerce App?

An eCommerce application (also called an “eCommerce App”) is a web or mobile application that enables users to purchase and sell goods and services. Such apps usually include:

  • An interface for browsing available products.
  • Viewing pricing information.
  • Adding items to a shopping cart.
  • Checking out from the store.
  • Managing user accounts and reviewing previous purchases.

ECommerce apps function similarly to online product review apps, recipe apps and browser apps, allowing you to search the internet for products. Examples of such applications are Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an eCommerce Mobile App

Building an effective eCommerce mobile app requires a thorough knowledge of all the factors affecting its development cost.

By carefully considering and making informed decisions about these factors, businesses can maximize their investment while creating an app that serves customers effectively in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

The complexity of app design

Complexity is a critical factor when estimating app development costs. A simplistic, minimalistic app design may take less time and effort, leading to lower development costs; conversely, more complicated designs with intricate user interfaces, animations and unique features could take more development time and drive up costs significantly.

ECommerce app development companies must ensure a user-centric design, intuitive navigation and visually appealing aesthetics for their eCommerce apps.

This requires significant investments in user research, prototyping and testing, and skilled UI/UX designers whose experience level could affect overall development costs.

Integration or Use of Third-Party APIs

Building small features can quickly increase app development costs. Alternatively, third-party APIs provide all required features at lower prices than developing them yourself; many companies offer this service and guarantee they will create every element for you!

But typically, developing new features from scratch costs much more than integrating with third-party APIs.

Furthermore, in many instances, it may not even be necessary to create all features from scratch – instead, list which elements are essential before discussing with the company whether integration with third parties could be an alternative solution.

App Development Platform

A key factor affecting the cost of creating an eCommerce mobile app is selecting an appropriate development platform and technology stack.

Businesses have two options when selecting their app development strategy: native apps for iOS and Android or cross-platform frameworks like React Native.

Building native apps for multiple devices often incurs higher development and maintenance costs; cross-platform frameworks offer cost savings by allowing one team to cover both iOS and Android development simultaneously.

App Functionality

The features and functionality of an eCommerce app considerably affect its development cost.

Basic apps with standard features like catalogs, push notifications, product recommendations, wish lists, shopping carts and secure payment gateways tend to be more cost-effective; as complex features increase, so does their development price.

Integration with third-party services such as inventory management systems, customer support tools and analytics platforms may add to mobile app development costs. Furthermore, adding features like Augmented Reality for virtual try-ons, personalized product recommendations, or in-app chat support requires additional development time and resources.

Team Size and Location

Where your development team is based and composed is important; having experienced developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers on board can directly affect budgetary considerations.

Hourly rates for an eCommerce app development company can differ dramatically depending on location.

Offshore development teams with lower labour costs may provide competitive prices but can present communication and project management challenges.

Conversely, hiring local groups might incur higher hourly rates but lead to better collaboration and quality control.

Timing Your Project

Determining the overall costs associated with an eCommerce mobile app development depends heavily on its timeline.

Rushing a product to meet an unrealistic deadline could increase expenses with overtime pay and quality compromises; conversely, extending it might add extra costs for team retention or maintenance fees.

Maintenance of Your App

Once launched, an application requires regular updates and technicalities that must be kept up with.

Unfortunately, software makes this difficult; unlike tangible products, it’s harder to detect when something’s amiss, and only technical people can provide solutions to solve these problems.

Therefore, it is recommended to connect with an app development company that can assist in this process.

Cost Breakdown of eCommerce Mobile App Development

Breakdown of Costs Related to Mobile ECommerce App Development:

App Design Cost

The app design cost encompasses fees UI/UX designers charge for creating wireframes, user interface designs and overall user experience designs for an ECommerce app. The prices will depend upon their complexity and their level of expertise.

App Development Cost

App development costs depend on several factors, including the technology and framework employed for its creation and features required by its features and functionalities, the level of expertise of developers involved, etc.

Payment Gateway Integration Cost

Payment gateway integration costs represent the fees that payment gateway providers charge to integrate their payment gateway with an ECommerce app, with prices depending on both their services and the level of integration required.

Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

Maintenance and upgrade costs cover ongoing fees associated with ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and software upgrades required to keep your eCommerce app functioning at peak performance.

Prices depend on both its complexity and how often updates must occur.

Marketing and Promotion Cost

Marketing and promotion costs refer to fees for marketing your ECommerce app to potential customers via various marketing channels like social media, search engines and mobile app stores. Prices depend on your marketing strategy and competition within your niche market.


Building an ECommerce mobile app can be expensive yet yield significant business returns. Therefore, businesses must collaborate with an experienced and dependable app development company that can guide them through this process and guarantee success.

Cost estimates for creating a mobile ECommerce app vary significantly based on factors like its features and complexity, its development team’s experience and expertise, and more. On average, developing such an application typically ranges between $100,000 – and $500,000, with each factor having its influence.

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