Top 5 Marketing Technology Trends To Follow

Marketing is the part of a business strategy without which a modern business cannot exist. As modern experts say, if your business is not on the Internet, then it does not exist. And it’s hard to argue with this because any target audience is now online. They choose things in stores, watch the news feed, order food online, and chat with friends. In the online community, advertising and customer interaction really have weight. Well, let’s start with online marketing.

Online Marketing

Let’s start with channels that should be used by literally every business. This is a classic, there is no need to look for innovations here. Pay attention to social networks, email, and search engines. Classical marketing channels are an important tool for stable audience growth and reach.

Also, pay attention to a tool like a web hosting. This is a small online storage that is located on the server and makes it possible to install programs to launch a website or store.


There are many high-quality hosting services, but their difference lies in the cost and features of the server itself. Many people can choose free domain names, but there are other gifts that are constantly changing. However, this option will cost very little, but what you get in return can bring huge profits. You will have absolute control over the site. Owners can do anything inside their own online platform.

Artificial intelligence

Recently, artificial intelligence has been actively introduced into all spheres of people’s lives, including marketing. Experts say that more than half of the businesses that have implemented artificial intelligence in their work have increased their productivity and profits. About 40% of all companies believe that it is important to monitor the quality of service so that customers are always satisfied and this is the main factor for the use of artificial intelligence.

It is necessary not only to implement all well-known electronic systems but also to generally monitor trends in the field of innovation. For example, it’s a good idea for businesses to think about a cryptocurrency settlement system. As reported by despite the fact that the dominance still remains for ordinary money, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity every day and people want to be able to make such payments. Follow the sphere of innovation and stay on the trend always!

Voice assistants and bots

It seems that only the lazy have not yet read about the importance of such a marketing communication channel as a bot or voice assistant. We encounter voice assistants and bots almost every day, but not all businesses appreciate this tool. Managers who have introduced bots and voice assistants into the work of their business noted the growth of profits and the details of analytics. Collecting data about work and communication with clients is much easier. The trend of introducing this option will continue for the next year.


As practice shows, the whole world is gradually abandoning the keyboard and increasingly prefers tablets and smartphones, moving away from laptops and stationary computers. For those who use online marketing tools, this is an important sign. This means that it is extremely important to have a competent and user-friendly interface for mobile phones and tablets. Often the user leaves the site due to inconvenience and inability to satisfy his request quickly. So you can lose a lot of customers. Make sure that the interface is accessible, understandable and fast to use for all types of devices and especially smartphones.

Short content

Clip thinking and TikTok are the scourge of the 21st century. A modern user is not ready to perceive information if the long-term concentration of attention is needed, therefore it is necessary to hook a potential buyer in a matter of seconds. This is due to the fact that the information field is so wide that the noise around you does not allow you to relax for a second.

However, video marketing is a great way to kick your business to a higher level. When creating video content, focus on its duration. You can even use a video editing tool to make your video more attractive. The video as content should be user-generated, carrying important information. The audience trusts this format.

Here are as many as 5 practical tips that can provide your business with a good profit and a stable position in the market in the current reality. Use those that suit you individually, which are less costly for your company and will bring the most profits! Let each added tool bring benefits, the main thing is to use everything competently, with a professional approach and a serious attitude! Good luck!