7 Best Spy Apps for iPhone: Working without Jailbreak

How do you feel when you want to know something so badly but you can’t because you do not have access to it? 

Perhaps, you want to know what your kids are doing on their phones, monitor their activities, and ensure their safety online. 

Or you are wondering what your employees are behind you regarding your company. 


Spy apps for iPhone give you the chance to stop wondering and start knowing exactly what they are doing by giving you access to track their activities on their devices.

Read this article to find out the best spy apps for iPhone that don’t require jailbreak, how to use them and how to know if someone is spying on your device.

So, Here We have mentioned the list of best spy apps for iPhone that will work without jailbreaking the mobile.

Best Programs to Spy on iPhone

To enable you to track activities on devices effectively, we have prepared the top seven best iPhone spy apps of 2022 you can use, along with their descriptions, pros, and cons.

1. eyeZy

eyeZy app is the best spy app for iPhone to monitor your child’s activities on his or her device discreetly. With the eyeZy app, you can clone an iPhone without someone knowing, know about your child’s whereabouts, and check your child’s emails. You can find out what’s in your child’s phone gallery and videos and know who he or she is talking to over the phone. 

The eyeZy app is considered the best spyware and Telegram tracker for iPhone as it is equipped with the ability to amass a large chunk of information on the monitored device.  


● eyeZy has an easy-to-use control panel that lets you see all the tracked information clearly. 

● Its keylogging feature helps you know when your child types an inappropriate message. 

● You have access to delete the data on the device you are monitoring remotely.

● eyeZy offers a Family Kit – a special subscription plan for parents with many children.


● You can’t recover wiped data on the monitored device. 


The XNSPY is a spy app for the iPhone that lets you monitor what children and suspicious employees are doing over the phone. With the XNSPY app, you can remotely spy on your child and employees’ iChat, and iPhone call logs and get updated about their locations through its ios GPS tracker. 

A major highlight of the XNSPY iPhone spy app is the fact it has a jailbroken iPhone and iPad phone edition and a non-jailbreak iPhone and iPad edition, enabling you to choose the most suitable edition for you. 


● You can monitor what the user is doing even when he or she is offline. 

● It has a unique watchlist alert feature. 

● It is quite affordable.


● You can’t block a website using the XNSPY app. 


Webwatcher is spyware for iPhone that lets you monitor your child and employees closely and securely. With the Webwatcher android spy app, you can see everything that is opening on your child’s Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and more. You would also have access to their call log, web history, GPS location, and many more.

The Webwatcher app works by logging into your secured account and transferring all the data you need from the monitored device to your secured account, which lets you track activities comfortably and discreetly. 


● No jailbreak is required. 

● You can make use of the Webwatcher app on almost any device. 

● Sends immediate email notifications. 


● May slow down the system operation on the monitored device upon installation. 

● It requires disabling anti-virus software on the device to use. 

● Its paid version is expensive.

4. MobiStealth

MobiStealth app is one of the most functional spy apps for the iPhone. It lets you track cell phone activities discreetly and comes with a wide range of features to suit your tracking needs. It enables you to view text messages and calls, view videos and pictures, check web history, track locations, and view your child or suspicious employees’ conversations on all instant messaging apps.


● Compatible with a variety of devices. 

● Provides adequate security.

● No jailbreak is required for iPhone. 


● Limited monitoring features. 


Flexispy is one of the most efficient spy apps for the iPhone. It records information silently on the monitored device and enables you to view them whenever you want discreetly. With the Flexispy app, you can view the GPS locations, gallery, video, web history, and more of your child in the most discreet way possible.


● Can listen to and record live phone calls and phone surroundings

● Offers a free demo account


● You can’t block websites and mobile numbers using the Flexispy app.


The PhoneSpector is an iPhone spy app that enables you to track activities without having to jailbreak or contact the monitored phone. With the PhoneSpector app, you can restore deleted data and track all the activities happening on the monitored device discreetly.


● Easy to use. 

● Suitable for a variety of devices. 

● Recovers lost data.


● It slows down the system of the monitored device. 

7. ikeyMonitor

ikeyMonitor is an iPhone spy app that lets you monitor activities on the target’s iPhone and iPad devices. With the ikeyMonitor app, you can view all conversations, call and website history, track locations, and more on your child’s device. 


● The ikeyMonitor app has a completely free version.


● A paid version is expensive. 

● You have to root to track social messenger.

How to Discover Spy Program on iPhone?

Here are a few signs to know if someone is spying on your cell phone.

High Data Usage 

If you notice your data usage is becoming abnormally high, it can check if someone is spying on your phone. However, this sign does give an absolute surety because only low-quality spy apps make use of data to send information to the tracker’s device. 

Sudden Reboot 

Suppose your phone begins to reboot unexpectedly and for no specific reason. In that case, it’s probably because your phone is being spied on.

Depleting Battery Quality 

The increased data usage and activities on your phone due to the tracking activities ongoing on your device may tend to drain your battery faster, thereby reducing its battery life. 

Takes Long to Shutdown

Tracking your phone leads to increased activities, which means your phone has to take more time to close down other activities before shutting down. If you begin to experience this, then it’s probably because your device is being spied on.

Challenging to Shut Down Your Device

If you find it difficult to shut down your device, it might be because your phone is being spied on as spy apps tend to run continuously in the background, making it difficult for your device to shut down.

However, most people tries to make their phone impossible to track as they want to keep their mobile safe from hackers.


In this article, we discussed the best seven spy apps for the iPhone, their descriptions, pros and cons, and how you can know if your device is being spied on. By exploring these apps, you can be guaranteed to track your child and suspicious employees discreetly and in the best way possible.