Choosing The Best Games To Train Your Brain For Android

android games

As we get older, especially if we’ve finished all our education for our lifetimes, we can find that our brains become less used to having to retain information. You may find yourself forgetting things more often or you may have trouble thinking on the spot. To counteract this, it’s a great idea to download puzzle games onto your phone. This will allow you to train your brain and if you use a mobile device, you will have access to the apps any time you like. Check out these great games that are available for Android.


This is a fun game that is great for touch-screen devices. It features expanding circles with numbers in the middle, and you have to touch the circles that make up 100. As you progress through the levels, the game gets more difficult, with blockades and more circles. Due to the graphics featured in this game, it would probably be best suited to tablet or larger devices, but it is still fun to play on a smaller smartphone too.

android games

The Room

This is one of those games that really tests the capabilities of your phone’s features. Without a touch screen device, you wouldn’t have the choice of a game like this, which offers complex puzzles, 3d mazes and locks and combinations that allow you to move on to the next, more challenging level.


This game is perfect for both adults and children. The challenge of building words and vocabulary mixed with the visual stimulation of colorful graphics and adorable bears make this an enjoyable game. The aim is to build words as quickly as you can, using as many tiles as possible in order to keep the game going. Try to have as large a score as possible when it’s game over. As you get more points, the bears grow larger in size, and the larger the bear, the more points you get. See if you can get on the leader board for winning the highest scores.

Monument Valley

You are Princess Ida and it is your task to manipulate yourself around this intriguing and colorful world. At each level, you will have a different challenge and in this tetris-esque game, you will need to rotate and move each piece of the city so that you can reach your destination.

Hitman Co

This game is largely similar to other Hitman style games. But the twist is that in order to complete each level, you must manipulate your character around a puzzle, avoiding dangers as you go. This is a fun game to play, especially for those who don’t usually play puzzle games. The graphics on the game will make you feel as though you are playing a video game rather than training your brain. If you’d feel silly doing standard puzzle games in public on your phone, this game will make you look cool.


This is a classic puzzle solving style of game. It’s basic design and lack of distracting graphics allows your brain to concentrate on the task on the screen instead of a foray of colorful objects all over the screen, like some games can have. The aim is to clear the screen of all the colored dots, avoiding the black ones. To do this, you will need to use the touch screen to draw or doodle on the game to connect the dots and make them disappear. Your allocated time will diminish as the levels increase, as well as the puzzles becoming more complicated.

Cut The Rope

If you like physics style games, you’ll like this one. It is one of the earlier puzzle games that were made available for android, but it is just as popular today than it was in the early days. The game itself features physics based chain reactions. In the app, you need to cut a rope in order to guide the candy to the little green monster and thus completing the task. With each level comes more obstacles, increasing the intensity of the challenge. The simplicity of the game and the adorable graphics make this a great choice in brain training apps.

Image Credits: Bane bane