Benefits of Streaming Platforms – You Should Know

The trend to stream content has risen exponentially during the last few years, but it never meant exclusivity before last year. People have started to get rid of broadcast cable TV fees in order to stay within their budgets and a large population has made a permanent switch to streaming services.

The question that most people should consider is: why should I get access to streaming platforms? Here we will explore the different benefits of streaming platforms in this article.

However, before going forward and maintaining neutrality, I have to discuss the financial aspect of the matter. Many people are half-heartedly choosing streaming services, on account of their budgetary restrictions and the high prices of cable TV. If this is the case with you too, then you would be glad to read what’s next. Many cable providers have come up with double play internet and cable deals that benefit customers in monetary terms, for example, WOW! Cable plans offer high-speed internet connection, more than 125 channels, free DVR and HD services, free internet modem, and other benefits in less than a 100 USD. With offers of such sort, you do not need to worry about switching from your cable TV just because of the prices.



Streaming services are bagging more awards at the national awards shows than the year-old cable channels – this clarifies how good of content these services are coming up with and coherent their programming is. Netflix is one of the popular streaming services that provides award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries etc. It also allows watching movies together with long-distance friends. 

Shows like Money Heist, Mindhunter, Game of Thrones, Stranger Thinks, Euphoria, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Westworld, have changed the landscape of viewership and content consumption.

Giant networks like NBC have come into the race of streaming services with their online service called, Peacock and it clearly shows that streaming services are engaging more and more audiences every day.

Cable TV

The greatest strength that Cable TV boasts is the wide range of its channel lineup. All the globally recognized like ABC, FOX, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, CNN, Spike, and BBC, etc. and national channels are made accessible with cable plans. The ability to watch anything from around the world, at any time is by far the greatest attribute of Cable TV.

The most serving benefit of cable TV, in recent times, is the convenience that comes with a DVR. A DVR permits you to record shows and movies so that you do not have to miss them due to some intense work meeting.

Streaming versus Cable TV

Following are the main differences between streaming services and cable TV that would ease you to incline towards the service that suits you the best.

1. Cost Factor

There is a term, ‘value for money’, which suggests that in order to meet customer expectations, the product and service should present itself in a way that is worthy of the money spent on it. No matter how little or how much is spent on something; we always expect it to be good if not great. In the event that something more proficient comes along at lesser rates, you would undoubtedly make a switch. All things considered, a normal streaming service subscription causes you to spend only 15 USD while cable packages range between 45 USD to 145 USD.

Streaming Service

Streaming, for the most part, is substantially more reasonable than cable TV and agrees with your financial plan. One little glitch is that most of the streaming platforms charge independently and on the off chance that you decide to sign up with all the services simultaneously, it can cost you a heavy sum. Albeit, one account can be shared amongst multiple people which means that multiple people can chip in its billing making it a convenient option.

While it comes with a lot of financial advantages, you are also required to have a stable and high-speed internet connection for streaming, and you may likewise need to put resources into extra gear like sound speakers, which may expand the cost. However, the equipment and internet connection can also be taken as an investment.

Cable TV

The majority of cable TV providers offer appealing bundles and concessions to attract customers. However, it is often seen that there are a lot of hidden charges applicable as well. Moreover, cable costs more than all the streaming services combined. In addition, if you want access to premium channels like Showtime and HBO, you might be asked to pay extra bucks.

The added cost of DVR is also something that you must know before getting into any contract with your cable provider.

2. Content Factor

Streaming and cable TV, both offer a massive collection of shows and movies to devour yourself in. Cable TV has several hundred stations sharing content constantly for your entertainment needs. However, a new report proposes that streaming services have created more original and unique content since 2017 than the customary cable TV.

Streaming Service

Whatever you want to watch and whenever you want to watch it and at whichever screen, you are able to with streaming services. Streaming services have acquired rights to the distribution of classic shows like The 70s show, Friends, The Office, and are coming up with new originals like Bridgerton, The Boys, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Moreover, the streaming platforms run some algorithms creating the perfect and most relatable content list for you to stream, which is an added benefit. Another great benefit is the flexibility that comes only with streaming. You can watch anything at any time possible, all you need is a screen that works with the internet.

The only problem that I have faced as a big streaming platform fan is the fact that you cannot find all of your favorite content on the same streaming platform and it is pertinent that you subscribe to at least three platforms simultaneously. However, it is also true that all major streaming services offer huge and overwhelming libraries.

Cable TV

The principal USP for cable TV over streaming services is the availability of live and reality TV. There is no way that sports, news, and reality shows can be enjoyed the same way after they have been viewed by the whole world, however, streaming services have entered this game as well.

However, if you are in a mood to watch all the Marvel comics this weekend, you will have to use the internet for it because cable channels do not work with your schedule whatsoever.

3. Commercial Factor

Twenty years back, ads cutting into our favorite shows and movies might not have appeared as big a problem as they are considered now. Cable TV thrives on the availability of commercial breaks and that is just something unknown to the streaming world.

With streaming services, you can continue to watch your favorite show for hours without any product placement or commercial ruining the whole mood.

The Partying Thoughts

We have supplied you with the basic facts related to the cable-streaming debate and you have the power to decide which one is better for you. Furthermore, if money is the reason you want to switch to streaming services, we have given you a way out as well.

We hope that you make the right decision and enjoy whichever service you decide to go with.