Battlefield 2042 tips: 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting

Battlefield 2042, as evident from the name, is the latest offering from the Battlefield franchise set in the year 2042. It is an MMO FPS game that is sure to rock your pants off in a spectacular fashion. It is one of the most advanced FPS games right now, with support for up to 128 players in a single match – who would have thought that was even possible a few years ago? But safe to say it is not the only unique feature in this game. You would find new characters, new battle modes, and even new futuristic weapons that will take your gameplay to another level. However, before you go and purchase the best Battlefield 2042 cheats, you should know a few things before starting.

1. Choose Sundance as a Beginner

Now obviously, you would want to experiment with the different characters that are available in the game, as you should. However, we would advise you to wait for some time before doing so. The reason is simple. You should get familiar with the gameplay, the mechanics, the weapons, and the gear, before trying out new things in the game. Battlefield 2042 is a dynamic game that will surely test you to the limits. Before you challenge the game, you must be fully prepared for it; experimenting with different characters at the beginning of your gameplay will not help you with that.

We would recommend Sundance, which is a good starter specialist for beginners. Regardless of your playing style, you would not be disappointed with this character – that is the beauty of Sundance. Play a few rounds but this character before looking out for someone that is more suited to your playing style.

battlefield 2042

2. You Need to Adapt 

You might have played some other FPS games, which is all right. The experience will only help you get better adjusted to battlefield 2042. However, you also need to be ready to adapt to this game. A fluid and chaotic model has replaced some of the tactical gameplay that has made Battlefield games so famous. It’s great that you have played previous versions of Battlefield games, but they would not help you that much. You need to adapt as quickly as possible.

3. Stick With your Gun

You must choose a gun that is preferred to your playing style and stick with it, even during the rough patches. This is crucial because the more you play with your preferred weapon, the more attachment you will unlock and the better your weapon will be. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different weapons from time to time, but there is a difference between experimenting occasionally and doing it all the time. The latter would not help you much in the Battlefield 2042 gameplay. Instead, you would likely start to start losing matches, and consecutively at that. 

4. Play As Part of a Team

Sure, the game has 128 players on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean you can go solo and release chaos upon enemy players. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. The more you stick with your team, the better your chances of success will be. Sadly, there is no in-game voice chat feature that you can take advantage of and stay connected with your team. There are, however, alternatives that you can explore, including creating a discord group that will help you get around this issue.                      

It would be best to take this tip seriously, as this is not a game where you should try to be a solo order.

5. Use Call-In Deployable

If you are playing a game that is set in the future, you should expect some futuristic elements in the mix. This is exactly what you’ll get with Call-in deployable. Now there are different types of Call-in deployable that a player can summon during the battle. You can check the menu option and choose from a Gun-mounted ranger robot, Light vehicles, hovercrafts, and even armored cars delivered to your location. They can quickly turn the tide of the game in your favor at any moment. However, you cannot always rely on them, especially if you’re surrounded or stuck too far away from the action. So, you need to be mindful when you use the Call-in deployable feature.

If you want to try your hands at Battlefield 2042, you must use the pro tips. Certainly, practicing these above-mentioned tips is the only way to master the game like a pro.