The Best Games For Time Wasters On Your Mobile Phone

gamesEveryone who has a mobile phone always seems to be holding it in his or her hands. This is especially true if you are trying to kill time by looking at your phone. This could be anywhere from sitting in the doctor office, DMV, waiting in the carpool line waiting to pick up children from school or even sitting on your couch in your own home. Some people will check their email, others will look at Facebook or other social media sites but some people like to play games. Here you will find several different games that have proven to be the most popular time wasters on mobile phones.


If you are looking for a game that is set in an adventure setting you have found it with Badland. This game is setting in a lush and dense forest but something has gone wrong and you need to figure it out. The levels are shorter so you will be able to complete one or two if you only have a couple minute break. The good news is that the game saves your progress so you can pick up where you left off the next time you turn it on. You might find that this is a clever game that is very addictive.


Many people like the games that are completely mindless and do not cause you to think. These make for a great way to pass the time. A perfect game for this would be Drop7. The object of this game is to drop numbers matching the number of disks that are in each column or row. It comes highly recommended and can also be addictive.


Puzzle And Dragons

Another fun game is called Puzzle and Dragons. It has been compared to the puzzle game of Candy Crush where you need to match certain colors and solve puzzles to advance through the game but it has a twist with something like a monster fight in Pokemon. You do not need to be a professional gamer to master the art of this game but it will still be challenging enough to keep even the best players interested.


Sparkle is a game that involves shooting marbles. It is often compared to the game of Zuma. There are many recommendations out there that say this is the perfect way to pass time if you are sitting around on a subway or just being lazy at home. It is a game that you do not need to have sound to play so you will not irritate anyone who may be sitting around you but if you have the chance to play it with the sound on it will add more excitement to the game.

Dots And Two Dots

These are two separate games that will keep you busy. There are both color matching games with the original Dots being a little less complicated than its spinoff Two Dots. Two dots is more involved and allows for a little more adventure with different levels to be conquered. For anyone who loves puzzle games these are certain to be the ones for you. And as an added bonus the phone will vibrate in your hand for every square color match you make.

There are many different games that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone or even a different type of mobile device such as a tablet. You can find many of these games on your app store when you sign into your device. Many will be free but others will cost so be careful if you do not want to actually make a purchase.

Image Credits: Max