7 Useful Travel Apps : Besides The Navigator

When driving a long distance, there may be a variety of annoyances and issues. We have chosen and tried out the best smartphone apps available to make your trip simple and fun in Dubai. Do you already have your luggage packed and a full tank of gas? Then you should read this review.


It is a useful route-creation application in Dubai. Maps.Me can be of assistance to you, especially if you are unfamiliar with the roads or cities. Everything is ready after setting the route and downloading the maps of the required nations. Without the internet, it functions. This entails that you may always check the saved route and go without worrying about missing the turn.

If you plan to rent a car in Dubai, find out in advance at the rental service whether the vehicle will be equipped with navigation software. If not, Maps.Me is an ideal option for you. Traveling in a rented car gives you plenty of emotions and an indescribable feeling of freedom, whether it is a van for a big family or Range Rover rental Dubai that can be found at Renty.ae or if you want to hire a convertible or a sports car.

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You can download maps of 38 nations worldwide with the app, even if you don’t have an Internet connection in Dubai. The maps have eye-catching landmarks with Wikipedia links that can be clicked to learn more about, say, the background history of a historic structure or cultural landmark.


This is a social network for those who are used to traveling light. Network members provide each other free assistance and overnight accommodation during travel or organize joint trips. If you can’t afford or don’t like the option of booking a hotel room, take advantage of couch surfers offers. Just choose the country and city you will visit, and the application will give you hundreds of ads from real people with an offer to stay with them.


Most travelers are familiar with it as a hotel aggregator. However, while using this service, it is even easier to find possibilities for amusement and pleasure because the interface on the smartphone screen takes the shape of a social network feed.

Cultural, educational, and gastronomic establishments and events are categorized and ranked according to visitors’ ratings. You enter a query, and the system selects suitable offers based on your preferences. Whether you want to take a buggy tour in the Arabian desert or check the concert schedule, this app may appear to be very helpful.


What can be brought through customs? How is changing currencies profitable? What are the current happenings and must-see locations in the country? The Redigo app contains answers to these and many more critical issues. Choose your destination country, download information to your phone, and have free access to information without using the Internet. The program includes guidebooks, maps, and a phrasebook in six languages, making your Dubai trip easier.

Find Your Car with AR

If you park your car in an unknown city in Dubai alleyways and walk on foot to explore the neighborhood, the app will assist you in finding your way back to your car. The program calculates and remembers the coordinates of the car’s position. Simply launch the app and go about your business. And, if necessary, the app will locate your vehicle and direct you to your destination!

Hudway – navigator for night driving

This application is designed specifically for those road travelers who are more comfortable spending time on the road at night. A regular navigator at night blinds and distracts attention, and the Hudway is made so you can see your route on the car’s windshield. To do this, add brightness to the phone, put it on the torpedo, and the picture will be reflected in the windshield. The voice assistant of the application will warn about road junctions and dangerous bends or turns. You need the navigator, but we would not advise relying only on him!