5 Tips to Save Mobile Data Effectively on iOS

mobile data

If you use mobile internet on a regular basis then you’re undoubtedly intimately acquainted with your mobile data limitation. For most plans that have limited mobile data the charge for exceeding the limitation can actually be quite hefty – which is something you may have experienced on more than one occasion.

Rather than constantly being forced to pay more, it is actually possible for you to save mobile data and prevent it from going over the limit. To get started, just follow these tips:

mobile data

Track how you’re using your data

The first thing that you need to do is be aware of how you’re using your data. While iOS does allow you to see how much data has been used in its settings, you should try to find an app that provides a more comprehensive breakdown so that you can see which apps are hogging the most data and then take action accordingly.

Use WiFi wherever possible

If you tend to access the internet a lot from your home, office or even your favorite café – take advantage of their WiFi whenever you can. Set your iOS to automatically connect to the networks that you use regularly, and you will find that your data usage drops tremendously.

Don’t auto-update

Some apps require a pretty big download which can very quickly eat into your mobile data limit. Instead of auto-updating, set iOS to only download updates when connected to WiFi – or turn it off completely and choose when to update manually.

Turn off iCloud sync

One of the major data hogs on iOS is the iCloud sync that immediately syncs any change in photos, contacts, mail and numerous other areas. While turning it off will prevent you from accessing changes on other iOS devices, it will help save data – and you can switch the sync back on when you’re on WiFi.

Try to avoid streaming videos

While you may enjoy watching videos on your iOS devices, streaming them can quickly go through your data allocation. If you have videos that you watch often, you may want to consider saving them so that you can watch them offline without consuming data.

If you want to save videos from your iOS device, all you really need is an iOS screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio. With it you can record any online videos, tutorials and other streams and then save it to watch offline later on.

Additionally Movavi Screen Capture Studio will also let you edit the videos that you record. That is useful as you can then cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, add special effects and filters, insert customizable text, include background music and perform other changes if necessary too.

In short you could optimize your videos for the iOS device that you’re using quite easily, and maybe even save them as shorter clips to conserve storage space. Be sure to try out Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and see how much data you save by not constantly streaming videos over and over again.