How To Fix “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” On Instagram?

Are you annoyed with the error message “your post could not be shared. Please try again”. when sharing posts?

Experiencing this error on Instagram can be truly frustrating, often due to occasional network glitches.

Read on to learn why you see this and how to fix the error “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” on Instagram

your post could not be shared please try again

What is “Your Post Could Not Be Shared. Please try again.” Error On Instagram?

“Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” is an error message on Instagram. It occurs due to server overloads, connectivity problems, or temporary platform glitches.

It informs you that your post cannot be shared or uploaded on the platform.

Instagrammers also face this annoying issue sometimes when posting images/videos.

Why Do You See Your Post Could Not Be Shared. Please Try Again. On Instagram? 

Several reasons you can see the error “Your post could not be shared.

It can arise from server overloads, poor network connection, or app glitches.

Uploading an incorrect image size, using a non-supported image file format, and running an outdated version can also be a reason.

Let’s get into the actual reasons why you are getting the error message.

1. Wrong Image Size

Instagram supports images between 330 and 1080 pixels.

So, if your image is not within the size limit, then you cannot face this issue with the error message.

2. Posting Multiple Images At A Time

You will face the error if you try to post multiple images at once.

The maximum number of images you can post in one go is 10.

Anything beyond that will cause the error.

3. Wrong File Format

Instagram specifically supports a handful of file formats on its platform.

So, if your images/videos are not in an Instagram-accepted file format, you will not be able to share posts and will see the error “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.”.

Some Instagram-accepted file formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, non-animated GIF, etc. 

If your file format isn’t supported on Instagram, you must convert it using an image file converter.

4. Glitch On Instagram App

If there is a glitch or bug in the Instagram app, you can get the error while uploading images or videos. 

5. Server Overloads

Considering the bandwidth of Instagram, server outages are common occurrences.

Due to periodic maintenance or a glitch, servers can go down.  

When there is a server issue at Instagram’s end, you cannot share images or videos and will get the error message.

6. Poor And Slow Internet

Instagram or its features only function with a proper internet connection.

So, if you have a poor and slow internet connection, you will get the error message screening on your Instagram account.

7. Outdated App Version

As Instagram rolls out new features, it is important to update your app because you cannot avail of the latest features on an older app version.  

8. Overloaded Memory

The cache data in your Instagram app is a temporary storage. If this storage is full, the app can malfunction or not run smoothly.

This can also stop you from posting content as the whole app is malfunctioning.

9. Violates Instagram Guidelines

Instagram has set up community guidelines regarding sharing content on its platform. 

If your post violates these guidelines, you cannot share images or videos and will get the error “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.”. 

How To Fix “Your post could not be shared. Please try again” on Instagram?

Here are the proven ways to fix the “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” error on Instagram.

Fix 1: Switch Your Network Connection

Instagram or its features cannot function if the internet connection is unstable or slow. 

If your internet connection is slow or unstable and you try to share posts on Instagram, you will get the “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.”

So, you must check your internet speed on online internet speed testers. 

If you have a slow internet connection, switch to a Wi-Fi connection if you are on a cellular network and vice versa. You can even connect to the internet from a different SIM card. 

Also, try switching on the airplane mode on your device and then turn it back on after a minute.   

Fix 2: Check The Format Of Your File

Instagram supports specific file formats like JPEG, PNGF, MOV, MP4, etc.

So, if your file is not in an Instagram-accepted file format, you will have to convert the format, or else you won’t be able to share posts and see the error message. 

You can change the format of your images or videos to a supported format using image or video converters. 

Fix 3: Update The App

If you use an older version of the Instagram app, you will face issues posting images or videos and can get the error.

So, update your app to avoid errors like “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.”.

Here is how to do it.

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store and search for Instagram on the search tab.
  • Check if the option of “update” is available. If yes, it means the update is pending. Tap on the “update” option to update the app.

Your Instagram app is updated if the “update” option is unavailable in the app store.

Fix 4: Compress Your Images And Videos

The size & dimensions of your Images and videos must be compatible with Instagram’s standards.

So, if the size of your posts is more or less than the standard, then you will get the error while posting content on Instagram. 

In such cases, you must compress your images and videos to the standard size with the help of image or video compression apps and sites. 

Fix 5: Don’t Post Many Images/Videos At Once

Do not share images or videos in bulk. This can sabotage your sharing as the maximum number of images that can be shared simultaneously is 10.

If you try to share more than that at once, you get a “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” message. 

So, make sure you share at most 10 images at a time or share the images individually.

Fix 6: Don’t Use Third-Party Software

You should abstain from using third-party apps or tools for doing anything on Instagram.

If you need to use a third-party app, only use apps partnered with Instagram.

You can check out the list of Instagram-partnered third-party apps or tools by browsing Facebook’s partner directory.    

Fix 7: Turn On Unrestricted Data Usage

If the data saver mode is turned on on your device, you will face issues sharing posts, and most likely, you will see the message “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.”.

So, check if the data saver is on. If it is, then you must turn off the data save mode and turn on unrestricted data usage. 

Here is how you can do it.

  • Tap and hold the Instagram app icon on your device’s home screen.
  • Tap “App info” on the pop-up menu.
  • Next, tap “Data Usage.”
  • Now, tap “Mobile data” and “Wi-Fi” to turn on unrestricted data usage. 

Fix 8: Remove Cache

Old junk data can overburden your Instagram app and hinder you from sharing images or videos on the platform.

So, you must clear the cache data of your app to keep posting content on Instagram.

Follow the instructions to clear the cache. 

  • Tap and hold the Instagram app icon on your smartphone. 
  • Tap on “App info” from the pop-up menu.
  • Tap on “Storage” or “Storage Usage“.
  • Tap on the “Clear Cache” option and remove cache data.

Note: You cannot clear the cache if you are an iPhone user. You will have to uninstall the app completely to clear the cache. Go to your device’s “Settings” menu to “Offload App”.   

Fix 9: Follow Instagram Guidelines

Instagram wants to make its platform authentic and safe for all its users. Thus, it has some community guidelines regarding posting content on its platforms. 

If your post violates or contradicts these Instagram-framed guidelines, you can get the error when sharing images or videos. 

One such guideline is that you must share photos and videos that you’ve taken or reserve the right to share them publicly.

You can check out other Instagram guidelines regarding posting content on the Instagram community guidelines page

Fix 10: Use A Web Browser

To fix this issue, you can use a web browser to log in to your account instead of the app and upload content.

It can happen that the error is occurring in the app and is preventing you from sharing your posts.

I recommend you use the Instagram website to share images/videos if the app restricts you from doing the same.   

Fix 11: Report The Problem

You can always reach out to the Instagram support team for help. Write to them explaining the error or issue you are facing. You can also upload screenshots of the error for reference.

Here is how to report a problem on Instagram.

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Go to your profile page by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the feed page. 
  • Tap on the Hamburger icon at the top right corner of the profile page.
  • Select the first option, “Settings and privacy“.
  • Next, tap on “help” under the “More info and support” section.
  • Next, tap on “Report a problem“.
  • Now, tap on “Report problem without shaking“. 
  • Next, tap the “Include and continue” option from the pop-up menu.
  • Next, write down your problems concisely and explain the issue you are facing to the team. You can also upload screenshots of your issue for their reference.
  • Lastly, tap “Send” at the top right corner to report the problem.


Can I Fix “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” on Instagram?

You can fix the error “Your post could not be shared. Please try again.” on Instagram. Just refer to the above article’s How To Fix section.  

How do I make my Instagram posts shareable?

You can make your post shareable by complying with Instagram guidelines, size & dimension recommendations, and format specifications. If you still cannot share a post, refer to the above article for more information.

Why can’t I share Instagram posts on Facebook?

You cannot share Instagram posts on Facebook without linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts. One requirement for sharing Instagram posts on Facebook is having both accounts linked. Therefore, ensure that both accounts are properly connected before you share anything.

What is the maximum file size for Instagram?

The maximum Instagram file size is 4GB. 

What is the ideal Instagram image size?

The Ideal Instagram image size is-
Portrait: 1080 x 1350 pixels. 
Square: 1080 x 1080 pixels. 
Aspect Ratios: Anywhere between 1.91:1 and 4:5. 
Recommended Width: 1080 pixels, 
Recommended Height: 566 and 1350 pixels (depending on whether the image is landscape or portrait)

Is Instagram reels 4K or 1080?

The maximum resolution of Instagram Reel videos is 1080p. If you upload a 4K video, it will be automatically downsized to 1080p by Instagram.