10 Proven Ways to Unblock If Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

While this is a very rare error, it’s always possible that the website you’re trying to open will block the IP address and prevent your access to it. It can occur for different reasons, such as there might have been too many login attempts or you violated the site’s policies by posting inappropriate content. In some cases, browser cookies could be the primary cause. 

Also, sometimes the error might not be from your side. For instance, your system’s IP address might be blocked because you’re suspected of being a spammer. If the ban is temporary, you can wait for 24 hours or check the public list to see if you have been blacklisted.

There’re a couple of methods to work out the issue and unblock your IP address so you can access the website online. The article has described the possible reasons and the best ways to fix when your IP has been temporarily blocked.


What is IP Blocking?

IP blocking is when a network configuration provider blocks your IP address and restricts access to the web. Each device connected to the internet is assigned a unique IP address. These IP addresses provide a way of communication between internet-connected devices. It helps to pinpoint the exact location a user is connecting from.

An IP address block is a security measure that prevents a specific device or user from accessing a website. If you get a warning when trying to open a website, your Firewall might have temporarily blocked the IP address. A firewall is a network security system that blocks or bans unauthorized access. When Firewall rules are violated by suspicious activities, the IP address gets blocked. 

Some signs indicate your IP address is blocked, like the page takes a long time to respond or you’ll get a time-out error. You can verify by trying to open the page using another device. If that opens, that means your IP is blocked.

How long does a temporary IP ban last?

A temporary block is a very common action block used. It generally lasts for up to 24 hours.

How to know if your ISP is blocking a website from you?

Use a web browser to access the website. This is the quickest way to know if your ISP is blocking your website. You can also use a proxy server to find out.

How to unblock your IP address on Chrome?

First, open Control Panel and select Internet Options. Then switch to the Security tab, click Restricted Sites, and select the Sites button. You’ll find the list of URLs marked as restricted sites. Choose the site and click Remove. Now, relaunch Chrome and check if the site is unblocked.

8 Primary Reasons Why Your IP Address Might Be Blocked

There are various reasons why your IP address might be blocked. Following is the list of major causes:

1. Multiple Login Requests

If you enter the wrong username and password combination while trying to log in and exceed the maximum limit, the Firewall takes action and blocks your IP address. It’s to secure from brute force attacks or an attempt to guess the correct password.

2. Rule Violation

Another reason why your IP address gets blocked is if any certain activity breaches the firewall or server rules. Even if you violate a website’s policies, there’s a high chance your IP will get blocked.

3. Country Ban

If you’re trying to connect from a restricted geographical location or country where access is not granted, an IP address can get blocked temporarily. Sometimes, Government can also impose geo-block due to national reasons.

4. Browser Cookies Issues

Your web browser cookies could be the resource why the IP address is blocked. It typically happens when the browser cookies aren’t active, so the browser can’t recognize your account on the server.

5. Suspicious Activities

An IP address can get blocked if a particular activity is considered suspicious or disturbing to the server.

6. Repeated Error Response Codes

If you receive a series of error codes, like 403 or 5XX server error, it can get your IP blocked.

7. Port Scanning

If you tried port scanning to determine which ports on a network were open, it’s considered a malicious activity. This is because cybercriminals hack data by port scanning.

8. Server Outage

There’s a possibility that if the server from the hosting is down, the website runs slowly or sometimes, can’t be accessed. Some technical problems usually cause this trouble.

How to Unblock If Your IP Address Has Been Blocked Temporarily

If your IP address has been blocked, you may have tried to visit a site that’s restricted at your geo-location, you’ve attempted multiple login requests, you breached the site’s policies or your browser activities seemed suspicious.

Keep in mind that IP blocking varies based on the website’s terms and therefore, unblocking the IP also varies from one web to another.

A temporary block gets resolved automatically after a few hours. But if you need instant access, here’re the solutions for you.

1. Discover the reasons for IP blocking

Before moving to the solution, you must find out why your IP got blocked. As already mentioned earlier, there’re multiple reasons behind it. You can check out the website’s policies below the page and you’ll be sure if any rule has been violated. If you’ve exceeded log-in attempts, wait for 24 hours to try again. Also, make sure the website you’re trying to access is not banned in your region.

2. Find out if your IP is on a blacklist

Many website owners use public IP blacklists to prevent misuse of their service. You can find many blacklist checkers online. Use it to check if your IP has been blacklisted.

3. Verify your mail server and network are configured correctly

Letters and numbers that are misplaced can put a network on the blacklist and get an IP address blocked. Contact the blacklist for further instructions on how to get off a blacklist.

4. Contact the website owner that has blocked your IP

In case you don’t understand the reasons behind IP blocking, contact the website owner. Make sure to ask the person if there’s anything you can do from your side to remove the block.

5. Scan for viruses and malware

Hackers can sneak viruses or malware into your computer resulting in your IP being blocked by a site or service. That’s why you need to scan the device for viruses and malware from time to time.

To run a virus scan on Windows 10, click Start and select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security. Click Quick Scan under Virus & threat protection.

6. Update your computer

In addition to scan for viruses and malware, make sure your computer is updated to the latest version. It’s because system updates correct errors, help patch security vulnerabilities and enhance protection.

To check for Windows updates, go to Start and select Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update> Check for Updates.

For Mac, move to System Preferences, select the App Store, and click Show Updates.

7. Change IP Address

If you can’t unblock your IP or remove it from the blacklist, then changing the IP address for the home network is the best option.

8. Connect to VPN

IP addresses can get blocked due to geo-block or country bans. In that case, connecting to a VPN service helps mask your IP address so you can access websites from a different location. You can use a free VPN service or paid one to get confirmed results.

9. Connect to another WiFi network

You can try connecting to another WiFi network. It gives you a different IP address, which can help you gain access to a particular site or service.

10. Use a free proxy server

Using a free public proxy server may be helpful in this scenario. But remember many websites and services block the IP addresses of public proxy servers. To get started, search “free web proxy” online and once you find it, enter the website’s URL and gain access to it.

Final Words

Website owners have the right to block access to certain activities or countries. Sometimes, the IP address can get blocked from your end. We’ve provided all the possible way-outs for this problem. Find out the reason and take steps accordingly.

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