Y2Mate.com – All About The YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube, the popular online video-sharing platform, has become a part of our daily life. It offers a wide range of videos that helps to refresh our mood. People even like to see their favorite YouTube videos whenever they feel down. 

But it can be irritating to open YouTube and search every time to watch a specific video and listen to songs. 

That’s why y2mate.com has come to help. Y2mate allows people to download, edit and convert YouTube videos easily. Read out the complete article to know more about Y2mate.

y2mate com

What is Y2mate Com? 

Y2mate is a free web-based service that permits you to download video and audio files from YouTube in multiple file formats. It doesn’t require any kind of registration. You can download unlimited videos and music files by using any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. 

This site supports many popular format types such as MP3, MP4, M4V, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, WMV, AVI, etc. So, it’ll be easy to download and convert video and audio files to your preferred format. 

Y2Mate.com doesn’t even take much time for conversions as it uses modern technologies for encoding systems. It also allows downloading videos from popular OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and HBO Go. Moreover, they have a customer support team to solve the problem of their users.

The Features of Y2mate Com Video Downloader and Converter

Y2Mate.com offers many exciting features that make this site more attractive for users. Here are some examples of its features.

  • The website supports more than thousands of video and audio sites and allows users to download content from them. 
  • It allows downloading videos from high quality (1080p) to low quality (144p) based on the quality of videos uploaded on your selected platform. 
  • You can download your favorite video songs in MP3 format.
  • Also, you can manually change the downloaded subtitles of the video and audio files.
  • Not only YouTube but also you’ll be able to download videos from other applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO Max through Y2Mate.
  • The website even permits to save videos from social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.   

How to Use the YouTube Downloader and Converter Tool?

It’s very easy to use the youtube converter. Here, we have narrated how to use Y2mate. So follow the steps below.

  • Type Y2Mate.com on the URL field of your browser to go to the site.
  • There are two methods available to download YouTube videos. 
  • One method is to copy the URL of your favorite YouTube video and paste it into the search box displayed on the website. Another way is to enter the name of the movie or song that you wish to download. 
  • Then, select the video you want to download from the search result.
  • Once you choose the download option, select the size, format, and appropriate quality for the content. You can download videos and songs of any quality by choosing the options mentioned on the site. 
  • Finally, click on Download to begin the downloading process.

Why is Y2mate Com Popular?  

As mentioned in the previous section, the first and foremost reason behind the popularity of Y2mate is it offers a smooth and quick video and audio downloading experience. The increasing popularity of YouTube is another big reason behind the popularity of this site. The site is also completely free and provides a higher quality of service than other websites.

This ultimate tool made the audio and video downloading task very easy. Y2mate allows downloading YouTube videos legally. It helps to convert files into various formats and save HD videos. Additionally, it downloads videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Furthermore, it’s an ad-free website so that nothing can interrupt your downloading experience.

Furthermore, this is a completely secure, and reliable website to download videos. Y2mate isn’t infected by viruses and malware so you don’t need to worry about the security of your computer.