Why VoIP is Best with Remote Workers

As we enter the new dawn of business and technology, we can’t deny that one should embrace hybrid working as a business owner. Allowing team members to work from the comfort of their homes now becomes a necessity and not an option anymore.

Especially with our current situation, various organizations have no other choice but to send their employees to work remotely. Resistance to this kind of change will only mean the stoppage of a business.

One of the most challenging situations for remote workers is their full access to telecommunications. As a result, many may have concerns about not being able to provide adequate customer service. Luckily, this kind of issue has already been solved since the emergence of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This cloud-based telephony system is easy to acquire through a reliable service provider such as Telnum.


Why is VoIP considered the best?

First, let’s describe VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is an updated, innovative technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. For those who are not yet aware of cloud-based telephony services, the term ‘VoIP’ might sound overwhelming and technical. But the truth is, you can immediately get yourself familiar with VoIP in no time at all.

So, how does this unique technology work? It may be simpler than you think.

VoIP technology modifies your voice into a digital signal through the help of the Internet. For example, suppose you’re making a call to a regular telephone number. In that case, the said digital signal is converted to a standard phone signal before it arrives at its destination point. The good thing about VoIP is the fact that it provides you with the freedom to place calls. You can use your personal computer, mobile device, or any VoIP phone connected to an adapter. What’s more, hot spots such as those located in Internet cafes, airports, and other places allow you to connect even your VoIP service.

The benefits of VoIP for remote workers

With VoIP, employees can answer calls and communicate more effectively whenever they want and wherever they are. That is possible because cloud-based VoIP uses an Internet connection, which only means that you can enjoy the services of VoIP as long as you have stable Internet connectivity. Below are some of the fantastic benefits remote workers can enjoy with VoIP.

  • Enhance productivity – VoIP is smartly designed to provide seamless interaction between users. Quick communication through VoIP allows remote workers to gather the necessary and information from customers and provide feedback at the soonest possible time. And since employees are working from home, they can have more time to focus on things that matter most.
  • Better reliability – when it comes to communication reliability and quality, VoIP is perhaps the best choice for businesses. As mentioned earlier, VoIP operates with an Internet connection, which means that anyone can experience high-quality calls with 99.9% connectivity all the time. And with a backup power source, this connection can be further boosted. VoIP is totally reliable as well since it works on the cloud. And a cloud-based telephony system doesn’t need any physical hardware or equipment on your part, so there is no danger of possible hardware issues.
  • Secured data – sharing data is totally safe with VoIP. Since it resides in the cloud, the system is totally protected. It is constantly being updated from time to time, so any cyber threats are impossible to happen. You can be sure that you are working in a protected environment if you integrate a VoIP telephone system into your business.
  • Work from everywhere – Cloud-based VoIP allows employees to have communication tools like those present at the office. Furthermore, integration with mobile devices is possible with VoIP so any remote worker can stay connected with their team and customers.
  • Smart call diverts – one of VoIP’s great features is the ability to divert calls. You can choose to shift incoming to your preferred number with a single click of a button. This means that you are not confined to your office desk waiting for those precious customer calls. Whether you are on vacation or just simply at home, you can answer incoming calls.
  • Sophisticated advanced features – VoIP is packed with advanced features that you cannot find in a traditional telephone system. These features include voicemail, advanced call management, call rerouting, auto-attendant, call recording, IVR, and many more! All of these can help your business in enhancing its presence and boost sales.
  • Softphone Applications – VoIP comes with downloadable apps that you can easily integrate with your smartphone, computer, or other mobile devices.

Final Words

There is no doubt that VoIP is a very reliable state-of-the-art communication technology that is developed to enhance business productivity and connectivity. And as our world continues to evolve and get smarter every day, VoIP also continuously updated its system to keep pace with the communication trend.

However, it would be the best choice if you choose one with a mobile app. The reason is simple: it provides greater flexibility for your remote employees since it would not require them to be on their desktops all the time.

If your business is still using the traditional phone system or switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), there are many reliable service providers out there. Visit Telnum.net and start experiencing the freedom of virtual technology.