Why is Hulu Audio Out of Sync?

Are you frustrated with the Hulu sound out of sync issue? There can be many causes which we will go through and give you the solutions individually.

Getting delayed audio is quite a bad experience. You need to fix this as early as possible to enjoy the streaming without hassle. One of the root causes of this issue is the misconfiguration of TV audio settings. We need to pay some extra attention to configure this. Let’s jump into the details.

The first and foremost reason Hulu audio out of sync could be incorrect TV audio settings. Bad broadcast or your TV could be an issue sometimes. If HDMI plug is not inserted properly, this could also be a reason for the trouble.

Do you want to fix the Hulu audio problem? Then identify the possible reasons behind it and learn the solutions in the following guide.


What Causes Hulu Out of Sync Problem?

There are four basic causes behind the audio issue.  Let’s check out each of them.

1. Slow Internet

The out-of-sync problem can happen due to a poor internet connection. The slow internet speed can affect Hulu broadcasting and cause audio delay. It’s possible that the internet problem is occurring because of some audio issues. 

2. Incorrect Audio Settings

Incorrect configuration of audio settings can be another reason. Perhaps you’ve selected the wrong settings instead of Stereo or Normal, which may cause the audio to drop.

3. Hardware Malfunction

Possibly, the issue may occur due to a hardware malfunction. It can happen because of HDMI cables, HDMI ports, or speakers.

4. Power Issues

Power issues may also create the Hulu out-of-sync problem. A simple power cycle or reboot can fix this issue. 

This method works in most cases even it has no link with the cause of the issue. 

Fix Hulu audio out of sync Issue during Video Streaming

Once you’ve found out the reasons behind the problem, you can start fixing it with some quick solutions. You can apply the solutions according to the cause to get the best result. It’s also recommended to test the audio after each process.

1. Check Internet Connection

The first thing you can do is make sure that you’re running Hulu with a good internet connection. So, try running a speed test to check whether you’ve a good internet speed or not. The minimum speed to stream online Hulu videos is 8 MB per second. So, if your internet speed is slower than the required speed, contact your internet service provider and ask for a fast internet speed.

2. Re-open the Hulu app

If you’re experiencing audio-related problems while using Hulu, then close the app. After a few minutes later open the Hulu app again. In most cases, closing and re-opening the Hulu app helped to solve the problem.

3. Check Audio Settings

If your Hulu audio is out-of-sync, check the settings. Ensure that you’ve selected Stereo or Normal for audio. If you’re accessing Hulu on a mobile device, navigate to the volume control and make sure the volume is not muted or set too low. You’ll get the option at the bottom corner of the Hulu video that you’re watching. 

Additionally, If you’re using a Windows device, check out Microsoft’s Support site to get additional help on audio problems.

4. Clear the system cache

Your system stores bugs and cache files when you watch videos on the Hulu app. So, if there are any corrupted caches, it can trigger various problems like Hulu activate not working, audio out-of-sync, and more. In that case, you must clear the system cache if you’re facing audio-related issues. This will remove all the temporary files and free up some space in your system. So, to remove the system cache follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings> Privacy and Security> Clear browsing data.
  • Select the time range and click on Clear data
  • It’ll delete all the cache memory of the selected time range. 

For Android users

If you’re using an Android device, go to Settings> Apps> find the Hulu app from the list and tap on it. After that, tap on Storage> Clear cache to delete the cache memory.

For iPhone users

iPhone users open Settings> General> Storage> Delete. It will delete all the cache from you iPhone. 

5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Hulu app

In case you’re frequently facing audio problems on the Hulu app, then uninstall and reinstall the app.  You can reinstall the app easily by using the following steps:

On Android

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on Apps> All Apps.
  • Select Hulu from the list and tap Uninstall.
  • Now, reinstall the app from the Google Play Store.

On Apple TV (4th generation or later) 

  • From the Home menu screen, highlight the Hulu app.
  • Press and hold the touch surface to switch into the wiggle mode.
  • Press the Play/Hold button on your Apple TV remote.
  • Highlight Delete and press the touch surface to Uninstall.
  • Now, reinstall the Hulu app from the Apple store.

6. Update Hulu

If you find the Hulu audio is out of sync, go to the Hulu app store to update the outdated Hulu app. All you need to do is open settings and check the system updates. It will help you to troubleshoot the problem. 

7. Restart the router or modem

If you’re getting Hulu audio is out-of-sync, try to restart your router or modem. For that, unplug the modem or router and after a few seconds plugin again. It’ll probably solve the problem. But if the issue still persists, then check the ethernet connection.  

8. Adjust HDMI Cable

You can adjust the HDMI cable If you’re using any TV-connected device for Hulu with the HDMI cable. So, follow these steps to troubleshoot the audio-related problems.

  • Connect the cable to another port on the TV.
  • Connect the device to an HDMI port on another TV, if available.

(If these can sync the Hulu audio smoothly, the problem is within the HDMI port. You can contact the manufacturer to repair it.)

  • Try to Reverse the end of the HDMI cable.
  • Use another HDMI cable and compare if the previous one is faulty or not. If you find the new HDMI cable is working, change the previous HDMI cable. 

9. Test Other Videos or Channels

If you’ve faced the Hulu audio is out of sync issue while watching a video on the app, play another video. If they have the same issue, move on to the other solutions. 

10. Contact the Hulu customer support service

If you find none of the above methods effective, contact the Hulu customer support team for help. They will surely help you to eliminate the out-of-sync audio problem.

11. Test without External Speakers

If you’re using an external speaker, test the audio without the external speaker. If the device doesn’t support surround sound, switch the audio settings to normal and test without external speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Hulu lag so bad?

If Hulu keeps lagging or buffering continuously, it’s because your internet connection is slow or you’re using an outdated device or Hulu app. Sometimes, corrupted cache in the browser and app also causes Hulu to lag.

Why are my Hulu streaming video and audio out of sync?

Hulu streaming video and audio may get out-of-sync if you’ve misconfigured the TV sound settings. Additionally, a slower broadcast due to poor internet, any TV issue or hardware malfunctioning can also cause a delay in the playback.

How do I resync audio and video?

In order to resync audio and video on Hulu, you can simply log out of the application and log in back again. It will fix any problem with Hulu audio or video and you can enjoy seamless streaming.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned methods can easily fix your problem. So, give them a try and enjoy your Hulu streaming with proper audio syncing.