Where To Sell Or Buy A Used Android Phone

If you are looking at upgrading your current model or even something completely different than what you already have you might be finding that it is pretty expensive.  However, what you might not know is that you can offset some of that expensive cost by selling your old Android phone.  There is definitely a market for a used phone.  This is because if they are taken care of phones can last for many years and face it there is definitely a demand for them as well.  If you are looking to sell or buy a used phone you might be interested in the websites that work as an exchange for phones.  There are several of them. 


If the thought of working with an online company makes you nervous you might still be interested in Glyde.  This is a company that has been in business for about five year and is a widely recognized source of used phones.  Many people will automatically go to this website simply because they have not heard of any of the others.  Another good news is that this company also handles tables, MacBooks and video games.  If you are looking to purchase you will find that the selection they have is pretty extensive and you will not be disappointed.

This company runs as a transaction facilitator.  What that means is that they will help a person list their phone for sale unlike a company that will sell directly to a customer.  Sellers find this feature attractive simply because they will not have to handle the details of the sale themselves.  They do not have to write a description or even set a price.  Glyde does this all for you and does not cost you a fortune to do.

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Another up-and-coming company that is similar to Glyde is Swappa.  This is another company that is a transaction facilitator but there are a few differences.  Browsing and shopping for a phone is a little bit easier on Swappa.  This is because you can see the transaction prices, the top-selling phone and have the ability to use different kinds of filters to find exactly what you are shopping for.  There is more good news when talking about the selection that they have for sale.

You might find that selling through Swappa may be a little more of a hassle than other sites but the sellers do know more information regarding the market prices for phones and will be forthcoming with that information.


The company known as Gazelle operates a little differently than the others.  They are not a facilitator but rather do the business of directly purchasing phones but then resells them as devices that are “certified new”.  They will purchase smartphones, tablets and MacBooks in any condition.  When you are selling to Gazelle they will have several questions for you.  They will ask you what carrier the phone is on, the model of the phone and the condition.  Once they have that information they will then make you an offer and you can choose to accept it or decline it.  If you accept it you will then ship the item to Gazelle with yourself or with one of their prepaid shipping boxes. You can also make your shipping easier with Paypal, but before that, you need to know how to create a shipping label on Paypal.

If you are looking to sell or purchase a used Android phone you will find that many online companies are currently doing this.  The three companies listed above are a few of the most popular ones.  You must shop around and find out where you will get the most for your money.