What is ELK-BLEDOM in my Bluetooth List?

If you’re about to connect your phone to a Bluetooth device and notice ELK-BLEDOM in the available device list, you might be wondering what it is. Is it a hidden camera or a harmful virus? Don’t panic. Luckily we can help you to clarify things.

ELK-BLEDOM is just a Bluetooth LED light strip

If you see ELK-BLEDOM in the available Bluetooth devices list on an Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac, possibly your neighbor has bought and connected a LED strip light.

These LED strips are available on Amazon and sold by Shenzen Elk Technology, a China-based company of voltage protection. The lights can be controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone or iOS app called “duoCo Strip”. Other alternative apps are LightBlue and LED BLE.


The strips have a generic Bluetooth chipset that’s shown as “ELK-BLEDOM” in the Bluetooth device settings.

Is ELK-BLEDOM a Hidden Camera?

There’re so many rumors spread online about ELK-BLEDOM being a spy or Bluetooth-enabled secret camera. But no, it’s not a hidden camera. After detailed research, we haven’t found a single piece of evidence confirming this buzz.

Here’re the following specifications of the ELK-BLEDOM Bluetooth LED strip:

ColorR,G,B and RGB Combination (R+G+B,R+G,R+B,G+B)
No. of LEDs300 LEDs/roll
Package containsTwo 5M/16.4ft LED strip lights, 1 DC 12v power adapter, 1 Y splitter, 1 controller, and 1 receiver box
Working voltage12V DC
View Angle120 degree
Waterproof rateIP65
Working temperature-20℃ to 50℃ 
LongevityAverage 30,000 hours or 3 years.

Can you force connect to ELK-BLEDOM without your neighbors knowing?

With duoCo or other similar apps, you can certainly connect to your neighbor’s ELK-BLEDOM via Bluetooth. These apps and light strips have no security at all.

Though it’s not recommended. It’s like intruding in others’ property that nobody wants.

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