What is App Stack on Android? Learn the Features & Uses

Smartphone manufacturers nowadays are adding their skins to stock Android before shipping Android devices. In order to do that, sometimes they install other applications to control the functionalities of the manufacturer on top of the current features or just bloatware. 

In this article, we will talk about the App Stack on Android, its benefits, and whether you should keep that on your smartphone or uninstall it.

What is App Stack?

App Stack is nothing but a piece of bloatware that the manufacturer installed on your phone which allows installing and uninstalling other apps on your mobile. It is mostly found on Samsung devices. 


You may even see the App Stack as a 1X1 widget in your Widgets menu. But most of the time, it won’t appear on your phone screen or do anything. Also, it may occasionally send you notifications.

For software developers, AppStack indicates the user’s dedicated, read-only virtual disk that includes one or more applications. The apps in this collection have distinct purposes, yet they coordinate their efforts to accomplish a common goal.

Features of App Stack

  • It’s simple to switch between apps when a user has all of their favorites in one place.
  • The use of an App Stack enhances the functionality and intelligence of mobile devices.
  • Users must have App Stack pre-installed on their smartphones in order to register for the service.
  • All App Stack-compatible apps will be listed on the home screen.
  • User action is required to either choose an app from the list or enter the app’s information manually. This procedure must be done in order to add all required apps to App Stack.
  • Once the required apps have been launched within App Stack, the user can safely delete the unused apps from outside App Stack.
  • The apps can do their thing within the App Stack without affecting one another.
  • Within the Stack, apps may be connected to each other and information can be shared between them. Linked applications can also coordinate their efforts to accomplish a common goal.
  • Easy word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation making are just some of the many office tasks made possible by having all of these apps open at once.
  • App Stack will always keep you logged in, so your information will be safe.
  • If necessary, apps can be deleted from the system one by one. Apps are listed in chronological order, and Stack follows the LIFO (Last in First Out) principle; therefore, the most recently added app will be the one removed first.
  • As the actions within the Stack continue, a queue is generated to order the functions in the Stack. This facilitates effective time-planning of activities.

15 Remarkable Benefits of Using App Stack

  • Since it is possible to successfully track all of the applications on a user’s phone, they can track and monitor every activity done on their device.
  • Thanks to App Stack, users can quickly and simply shift between applications.
  • App Stack provides information about all apps located inside it along with its functions.
  • With App Stack, you can learn everything you need to know about the apps you install.
  • Easy control over your device’s storage and language options are at your fingertips with App Stack.
  • Expressions, both arithmetic and control flow, are evaluated within the Stack.
  • Prefix and suffix notations management can be simple to manage.
  • Transforming from Infix to Postfix is simple.
  • Word processing in App Stack allows the user to run many virtual computers.
  • App Stack’s IP routing features are another major plus. Since the network is structured in a particular way, this ensures that messages will always be sent and received without interruption.
  • App Stack permits the Depth First Search and full-stack search.
  • App Stack allows users to schedule algorithms.
  • Due to the fact that numerous programs or apps can run in the background at once, the login screen will highlight those apps with the highest priority.
  • App Stack has a feature called Hash tables that helps to do fast data lookup, where all data is presented in special hash tables.
  • Using graphs, App Stack users can manage their data, network, social networking sites, data organization, and much more.

Should You Uninstall The App Stack?

App Stack does not really do anything harmful to your phone. However, there are a few reasons why you should uninstall the app stacks, such as:

If you do not use the apps on App Stack regularly, then there is no need to keep them. In case any exploit gets released from any app of App Stack, you can be at risk.

Apart from that, if your phone storage is full, then you can surely uninstall the App Stack.


Now that you know what app stacking is and what are the benefits of it, it’s your call whether you should have it or uninstall it from your phone. If you do not use the apps, then it’s better to uninstall them from your phone.