What Does WTW Mean On Instagram?

Social media users invent fresh slang and trends every day. These trending slang and hashtags light up conversations and interactions on Instagram.

One such trending acronym on Instagram is WTW. But do you know what does WTW mean on Instagram? It is a popular abbreviation mostly used as hashtags on Instagram posts by users.

If you want to know the meaning of WTW and how to use it, this blog is for you.

wtw slang instagram

Meaning Of WTW on Instagram

On Instagram, WTW stands for ‘What the Word’, which is similar to ‘What’s up’, ‘What’s going on’, or ‘What are you doing’. To vibe better with the younger crowd, the word “word” gets swapped out for “wave”  giving us “What the Wave” – describes someone or something that’s overflowing with swag or just really cool.

These variations of WTW are used to hold casual conversations with friends and family and enquire how they are doing. It’s like a secret code for saying, “Let’s chill!”

Here is an example

WTW, wanna grab lunch?

I have reached the spot, WTW?

This results in the expression “What the Wave” – signifying the same idea.

Other Meanings Of WTW

Women to Women

Here WTW is used to suggest, guide, and support women. As the name suggests, it is used by ladies on Instagram to advise, caution, and recommend other women on Insta.


“WTW, Via Veneto is the best restaurant in LA for date nights.”

“He is not your type! Take my word, WTW”

Worth the wait

“Worth the wait” is another meaning of WTW on Instagram, which expresses the importance of someone or something despite the delay in arrival or occurrence.

“The food was delicious. Totally WTW!”

“Although Sam was late for the meeting, he made it in the end WTW!!!”

Walk through Walls

Walk through wall is probably the most rare and least used meaning of WTW. The terminology is associated with the world of gaming.

How To Use WTW

The hip acronym WTW is a conversation starter. Although it is used to communicate with friends, it can be used to start conversations with strangers. WTW is also used across platforms like Twitter, Gaming chats, Tinder, and more. 

WTW not only boosts relatability and engagement but also expresses various emotions. Here’re some best-case uses of WTW on Instagram

Example: 1

In this example, an Instagram model uses #WTW ((What to Wear) to promote a dress. The influencer is putting together stylish outfits and offering summer fashion suggestions.

WTW encourages followers to comment with feedback and opinions about the dress. This tried and tested method for exchanging opinions never fails to work. 

Example: 2 

This example shows a social media experiment being conducted between teens and their parents. The parents are asked to guess the meanings of popular Insta-acronyms. Their guesses go wild and crazy, which is hilarious. WTW is used in the post’s caption to express shock or ridicule. Here, the meaning of WTW is ‘What the What’.

Example: 3

In this example, #Wtw is used in the caption, but the reason behind it is different. Here, ‘what’s the word’ is used to appeal to the followers to join the movement and not to enquire about others. The careful and meaningful use of WTW will encourage real responses from users, especially the younger section, who find the acronym trendy and appealing.   


The meanings of WTW can vary, depending on the context of a conversation. It is used to hold casual conversations on Instagram and can be found in cations and comments. WTW is not only a popular slang but also a jargon that encourages interaction on Instagram. Thus, WTW can boost your engagement and appeal to the younger generation.