What Does SUS mean in Text, Among Us and Instagram

Social media is now full of slang terms and acronyms that people have adopted quickly for communicating with each other. Moreover, these words are not only limited to the comment section of social media but also in day-to-day speech. So it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest terms. In this article, we’ll tell you what does SUS mean and how we can use it in text.

What does SUS mean in Text?

SUS means “suspect” and “suspicious”. You often come across the word SUS While texting, chatting. If someone or something seems suspicious or untrustworthy, that is SUS.

These two words can be used vise versa based on the conversation.


Previously the term SUS was mostly used in social media like Snapchat, TikTok or viral video games like Among Us. But now, people use SUS even in text messages. 

SUS is also being used to express something sketchy or shady.

SUS meaning in Among Us

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game where players use the word SUS for those who’re suspected of being an imposter.

The game is inspired by a similar game Mafia and the science fiction thriller movie The Things. Among Us is a space-themed game involving many Crewmates in a spaceship playing together to figure out and eliminate the Imposters.

Though the game was released in 2018, it became a hit in 2020 since many famous YouTubers and Twitch players started playing it. Thus, the slang SUS became viral. Depending on body gestures or available evidence, if someone is suspected to be an imposter, other players refer to them as SUS.

As the game developed, SUS became a popular internet slang among youngsters. Users even started using SUS in their TikTok videos along with the Among Us gaming content.

SUS mean in Slang

SUS in slang is an abbreviation for “suspect” and “suspicious” that people even use outside of the Among Us or other video games. The word is now a part of daily internet users’ vocabulary, seen in Tweets, social media comments, YouTube videos etc.

If you want to express or react to something as SUS, you can say, “It’s Sus!” or “He’s sus”. You can often use the word while looking at something weird or someone behaving strangely.

SUS meaning in Instagram

The meaning of SUS in Instagram is the same, either suspicious or suspect.

If a friend uploads a post or story on Instagram and you find it suspicious, simply reply with “sus”.

Moreover, you can reply to someone’s Insta story by sending a sticker through DM (Direct Message). To send a sticker, open your Instagram app, tap the DM icon at the top-right, open the chat and select the Sticker icon at the corner.

Type suspicious, weird, strange, shady, spooky etc., in the search box and find a relevant sticker to express your SUS.

I hope this article has cleared your curiosity about what SUS means. It’s nothing but an expression people use by saying this word in short. If you’ve any more queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.