What Does Ops Mean on Snapchat

With its amazing features and visual communication style, Snapchat is undoubtedly a great platform. 

But apart from this, there exists some acronyms that many people are unaware of. One of those acronyms is OPS. 

If you have come to this article, you may have also come across this slang. And most probably, it may have left you perplexed, too. Right..? 

what does ops mean on snapchat

Well, it’s totally fine because knowing the meaning of each and everything on Snapchat is kinda difficult. So just relax and explore this article to learn what ops means on Snapchat. It also explores various instances where the term is used with different meanings.

What Does Ops Mean on Snapchat?

“Ops” is a slang term means “opinions” on Snapchat. The intention behind using “ops” on Snapchat story (Either on an image or video) is to invite friends to share their viewpoint, thoughts, or judgment. If you want to ask for someone’s opinion on Snapchat, it’s more effective to use the slang “ops“. Asking for someone’s opinion is a valuable way to encourage communication.

But there are some people who use it to signal that they’re up for answering whatever people ask them. 

To be precise, ops creates a space for an open and interactive conversation where people share their views. 

Now, let’s understand its use with some instances – 

Instances Where People Use OPS to ask for Other’s Opinions 

Example 1 

  • Riyan: Thinking of trying that newly opened restaurant near your house. OPS
  • Ely: That’s great. If you’re going there, don’t forget to try their sushi. It’s the best I have ever tried. 

Example 2 

  • Ryan: Just finished a webinar on climate change. I learned that the increasing temperature is also causing volcanic eruptions and landslides. Your ops on climate change? Urgent issue or just overhyped? 
  • Ely: I think it’s really urgent. 

Example 3 

  • Ryan: Can’t decide if I should read how to talk to anyone. Have you read it? If yes, ops about it? 
  • Ely: Yes, I’ve read it and would suggest you go for it. 

Instances When OPS is used to Indicate that the User is up for Questions 

Example 1 

  • Hudson: Just returned from my solo trip to Australia. Ops..! 
  • David: How was it? What was the best about it? Did you enjoy it? How’s Australia? 

Example 2 

  • Ash: I’m a professional marketer. Have worked with many top companies like Meta, Twitter, Chegg, and more. Ops about my journey. 
  • John: How did you start? How did you land a job in all these companies? Wasn’t it difficult? 

How to Differentiate Between the Meanings of Ops? 

Understanding what the user wants to say through ops is puzzling as both the meanings of ops sound similar. 

But don’t worry, as the below-given tips will help you know what the users want to say through it.

  • Look for cues in the message that contain “ops.” It will give you an idea whether they are asking about your opinions or just allowing you to ask them anything.
  • See what you were talking about. 
  • Try to understand the tone of your conversation. 

Note: If you feel clueless despite following these tips, asking the user what they mean would be best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How should you react to ops on Snapchat?

If you are comfortable sharing your honest opinions with the user, you can do so. Otherwise, politely signal that you don’t want to share.

Where can you use ops on Snapchat?

You can use it on your snaps as well as in chats. In short, you can use it wherever you want to ask someone’s point of view or convey that you are open to answering questions.  

Is oops the same as ops?

No, both terms are different. Oops refers to a mistake, whereas ops is used for opinions.

Can you use ops on Instagram and other social media platforms?

Yes, you can use it wherever you wish.


This guide on the meaning of ops on Snapchat has shed light on its most common meanings, how to respond to it, and when you can use it. 

So now, don’t think much before assuming what the user intends to say or using it on your Snapchat. You have all the knowledge needed to decipher its meaning and use it. 

And in case you face any problem, you can ask me in the comments.