What Does JP Mean on Snapchat?

Was chatting with a friend and during the conversation, they insulted you and followed up with JP text? Or have you encountered this acronym somewhere else on Snapchat? 

Has it left you contemplating what it means, why the user has used it, what should be the right response to it, and more? 

Well, it’s totally normal because Snapchat users have now started using slang more than ever but knowing the meanings of each is way too difficult. 

jp mean on snapchat

And that’s why we have come up with this article on what does jp mean on Snapchat. By the time you reach its end, you’ll be a “jp” pro; someone who understands it well and can use it whenever he wishes. So please keep reading.

What does JP mean on Snapchat? 

JP on Snapchat is a quick way of saying “just playing”. People often use the abbreviation to show they were just joking with what they said before. Saying “just playing” can quickly clarify your meaning and avoid confusion.

It’s kind of a way to say, “Hey, I was just kidding around in my last message, so don’t take it too seriously.” 

In addition to this, some people also use ‘Jp‘ when they are asked what they are doing and they just want to tell you that they are playing something

How do People use JP on Snapchat? 

Here are some situations when people use JP in a conversation on Snapchat – 

# To Soften Situations

If someone makes a direct insult or says something that could upset or make them angry, they use ‘JP‘ to soften the situation and convey that they were just joking.

Let’s understand with some examples – 

Example 1 

  • Ash: You’re so slow. Sometimes, I think that you’re the slowest person on Earth. 
  • David: Oh really..?? Well, at least I won in the end. What about you Mr Fast? 
  • Ash: 😡
  • David: JP. Chill bro.

In this example, David replied to an insult and later on, used ‘Jp‘ to lighten the situation. 

Example 2

  • Ash: Your fashion sense is just wow. Everyone says they’ve never seen such fashion sense😂. JP. 
  • David: Stop pulling my leg. I’m a trendsetter you know. 

In this example, Ash is making fun of David but also mentions JP to say,” David, don’t take this too seriously.” 

# Joking Around

JP is also used during a playful conversation. Lemme explain in detail with some examples – 

Example 1 

  • Ash: You’re the worst at keeping secrets. 
  • David: Oh, come on, Ash..! I’m a vault of information. JP. 

Here, David is defending his secret-keeping abilities by using ‘Jp‘ to show they are joking. 

Example 2 

  • Ash: You are such a couch potato. JP
  • David: I know. I’m just dedicated to my relaxation goals. 😂. 

In this example, Ash is humorously calling David a couch potato. 

Example 3 

  • Ash: You sing like a cat in a blender. JP. 
  • David: Well, my concerts are always sold out. 

In this example, Ash is teasing David about his singing skills. 

# For Clarification

People also use this to clarify their intentions behind saying a statement. They want to say that they weren’t so serious about what they said. 

For example – 

  • Ash: You’re so annoying sometimes. 
  • David: Seriously.?
  • Ash: JP 😂

In this example, Ash used JP to clarify that he didn’t actually mean to call David annoying. He was just pulling his leg. 

# Just Playing

People also use JP to indicate that they are playing. They are letting the person know that they are taking some time to have fun by playing games or engaging in other enjoyable activities. 

Let’s understand this use of Jp with some examples – 

Example 1

  • Ash: Hey, What are you upto? 
  • David: Nothing much. Just playing 🎮. 

Example 2

  • Ash: How’s your day going? 
  • David: Pretty good. JP football with children in the park. 

In both these examples, David has used ‘JP‘ to say that he is playing games. 

Example 3

  • Ash: What’s going on David? 
  • David: JP, watching my favorite anime – NARUTO. 

Example 4

  • Ash: Have you started working on the project the boss gave you yesterday? 
  • David: Nope, JP. Browsing memes on Instagram. 

In examples 3 and 4, David is telling Ash that he is involved in an enjoyable activity. 

How to Respond When You Get a Message Saying “JP”

Well, the response totally depends on how you have perceived it and in what context the person has said it. 

For example, If the person has told you that they are playing, you can follow up with the next messages by asking something else. 

But if they have offended or insulted you and it hurt you – 

  • Let them know their words have hurt you. 
  • Block them if you don’t wanna talk to them anymore. 
  • If you want to stay away for some time, it’s perfectly fine to ignore them temporarily.

You can also respond funnily if you were not offended and took their words lightly. 

The choice is all yours. Understand how they have said it and respond as you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is JP used to apologize? 

No, JP isn’t used to saying sorry. It’s a way of conveying that whatever you said earlier, you weren’t serious about that. It’s basically a way of lightening the mood. 

How can you use JP on Snapchat? 

You can use JP on Snapchat in various contexts including when you want to soften the situation, clarify your words, just joking, and want to let the person know about it and tell the user that you’re playing games. 

Does JP also have other meanings? 

Well, yes. Jp also has other meanings like Justice of Peace, Job points, Jurassic Park, etc.   but they are rarely used on Snapchat. 

Summing up…

JP on Snapchat is one the slang that people use to say “just playing,” a phrase that is highly used to lighten the situation.  

As we understood its meaning and usage, I hope you can now decode and use it easily. 

So next time, don’t think much if you encounter it or want to use it somewhere; you’ve all the required knowledge. 

And of course, if you still find yourself wondering anything about JP, don’t hesitate to leave your query in the comments.