What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

YouTube is not a video-sharing platform anymore. Instead, the platform has evolved itself into a social media platform that helps people connect with each other.

Millions of people have made YouTube an income source by sharing content in it. Due to its immense popularity, YouTube is now the second most popular social network all over the world.

YouTube has introduced some new features and functions such as YouTube stories, highlighted comments, etc.


Do you want to know what those highlighted comments mean on YouTube? The main purpose of highlighting those comments is to let you interact by finding those comments easily.

Apart from that, it has some other purposes too. You will be surprised to know those highlighted comments are not public; the highlighted part is for you only.

Here you will get to know about the highlighted comments on YouTube in more detail.

What do Highlighted Comments Mean on YouTube?

Highlighted Comments on YouTube videos can have different meanings based on the situation.

  • If someone replies to a comment that you have posted, the comment will be highlighted. This is because to make it easy for you to find that particular comment.

  • Normally you get notified when someone comments on your videos that you have shared on your YouTube channel. Once you click on the notification to see the comment, it will appear as highlighted. Again this is to ease your efforts on finding new comments.

  • A comment also gets highlighted and appears at the top of all comments, including the pinned one, when you click on the timestamp of the comment.

 It’s even possible for the viewers as well the creators to highlight specific comments. They do this to reply to those comments with the help of easy navigation.

When anyone replies to those highlighted comments, the person who has highlighted the comments gets a notification for a “highlighted reply”.

Wrapping Up

Highlighted comments are an automatic feature of Facebook. This basically benefits the content creators who get lots of comments on their videos. Without this feature, it will be really difficult to filter out particular comments from millions of comments and reply to them.