What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

Do you often get confused with acronyms while using Snapchat? If you don’t understand the meanings, the app may seem dull to you.

Internet users have come up with new languages that they use for daily online conversations. Starting from Hello to ROFL and now just a simple emoji, social media is full of various acronyms. GTS is one such famous slang often seen on the internet.

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Though it’s a commonly used acronym on social media, you may wonder “What does GTS mean on Snapchat?”

When the acronym ‘GTS’ is used on Snapchat, it mostly means ‘Good Times’ and implies that life is good, you’re having fun or enjoying a moment.

So, in this guide, we’ll explain the meaning of it for different contexts and provide examples to help you understand.

Meaning 1: Good Times in a Sense of Chilling a Moment

As mentioned earlier, the intended meaning of GTS on Snapchat is ‘Good Times’ in a sense of enjoying. So, the acronym can be used to express that you’re having a wonderful moment or just enjoying life in that time free of obligations.

A perfect example would be sending a picture while you’re enjoying time on vacation or lying on the couch watching your favorite TV show. Just put a hashtag in front of ‘GTS’ on your snap.

Meaning 2: Good Times in a Sense of Enjoying the Interaction

‘Good Times’ can also be another meaning where you’re telling the other person that you’re having a good time talking to them.

For example, while exchanging snaps with a friend, they crack a funny joke and you reply ‘ROFL #GTS’. This will convey that you appreciate the joke and also you’re enjoying a great time interacting with them.

Meaning 3: Great Times as Conversation Ender on a Positive Note

GTS on Snapchat can be used to end a conversation on a positive note. 

Here’s an example:

Friend: I’m getting late for the movie. Bye, talk to you later.

You: Ok, GTS.

Other Meanings of GTS on Snapchat

Though ‘Good Times’ is the intended meaning of GTS when used on Snapchat, some users may indicate another meaning. So, here’re the other meanings of GTS on Snapchat with examples:

1. Google That Shit

GTS can also be used in place of “Google That Shit”. This can be used when responding to an irritating question to express that you’re not interested in replying.


Person 1: How long does an ant live?

Person 2: I don’t know, GTS!

2. Go To Sleep

Another alternative meaning of GTS can be ‘go to sleep’. However, this acronym is used less as users on Snapchat mostly prefers ‘go 2 sleep’ to communicate. But users can mean ‘go to sleep’ once in a while.

If used at the wrong time or to the wrong person, it might seem rude. So, be careful while using the acronym in this situation.

A great example where you could use it when talking to your best friend at late night and you want to stop the conversation. So, instead of saying ‘Let’s talk tomorrow, I’m tired’, send something cool followed by ‘#GTS’. It won’t offend your friend and they know what you meant.

3. Going Through Shit

You can mean “Going Through Shit” to imply that you’re having a hard day or life.


Your friend: Hey, how did your exam go?

You: I am GTS!

GTS in Pop Culture

People who are into pop culture have extensively used GTS, but it doesn’t have the conventional meaning as in Snapchat. They sometimes use GTS to refer to something that isn’t related to the acronym. In that cases, GTS can be used for any of the following:

1. Guess The Song

If someone uses GTS as a reference to a reality show, then be confirmed that it means “Guess The Show”. If you find a song/music with GTS in the caption, it could indicate “Guess The Song”.

2. GTS Cars

People with GT Sports cars love to brag about them on social media. So, there’re thousands of posts on GT sports car, and you must have come across them at least once. In this context, Snapchat users can mean “GT sports car” by using GTS, so don’t get confused when you see it.

3. Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS Song

This short form can stand for Machine Gun Kelly’s popular song “Going Through Shit”. It’s also one of the meanings that we’ve mentioned already. Hence, if you notice Machine Gun Kelly mentioned somewhere on Snapchat along with GTS, then make sure it’s there to refer to the song.

4. Grims Toy Show

Your friend can use GTS to mean “Grims Toy Show”. If you remember silly SUPER POP from YouTube, you know what it refers to. It’s a wrestling show, and if you follow something related to this show or are a fan of it, you may see this acronym.

5. GTS in Pokemon

Global Trading System is a famous platform used to trade Pokemons. So, if your gamer friend uses GTS on Snapchat, they basically recall their good old days. But it’s not very popular nowadays.


We’ve covered every possible meaning of GTS on Snapchat. People may use the acronym in different contexts other than its general meaning. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful enough. If you have any more queries, let us know in the comment box, and we’ll solve them as soon as possible.