What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat and How to Use the Slang?

Got a random message saying “ASL?” Or did a newly connected Snapchat user send you a text containing this word? Or any of your friends used it while chatting with you? 

Well, it may have left you speculating about its meaning and many more things like how you should react now, why the person has used it, etc. Right.?? 

If yes, then take a chill pill because you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this article on what does asl mean on Snapchat. Just read further – 

what does asl mean on snapchat

What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat?

ASL most commonly refers to  “Age, Sex, Location.” It’s often used as a way to get to know someone better. Some people even consider it a great conversation starter. 

ASL is commonly used to satisfy curiosity, streamline chats, begin talks, or flirt. It is a go-to for many online users.

Another common meaning of Asl is as hell. This meaning is used to emphasize the extreme nature of something.

How to Use ASL on Snapchat? 

Well, the use of this slang changes with contexts and meanings. 

To Ask age, sex, and location

People use it to ask someone about their age, sex, location. They sometimes use this in their stories, and other times; they use it in chats to know the next person well. 

For example – Hey, what’s your ASL? 

To Emphasis on something

Another meaning of asl is as hell. People use it when they want to add emphasis or intensity to a statement. Although this meaning is used in a variety of contexts. Some are –  

To Emphase Intensity

People use “as hell” to stress that something is particularly intense, extreme, or strong. 

For example:

  • “It’s hot as hell outside.” (meaning it’s scorching)
  • She’s tired as hell after working all day.” (meaning she’s very exhausted)

Expressing Certainty

This meaning is used to express certainty or a strong conviction about something. 

For example

  • I’m sure he’s lying as hell about that story.
  •  That movie was boring as hell; I couldn’t stay awake.

Adding Emphasis to Statements

People use it to emphasize their statements or make them more impactful. 

For example 

  • This food is good as hell.” (meaning the food is exceptionally delicious)
  • “I’m excited as hell for the weekend.” (meaning extremely excited)
  • “I’m tired as hell after the long hike.”
  • “I’m sore as hell from yesterday’s workout.”


It’s often used for exaggeration, too. 

For example – 

  •  “I laughed my ass off; it was funny as hell.” (meaning it was very, very funny)
  • “She’s mad as hell at him.” (meaning she’s extremely angry)

Expressing Strong Emotions

It’s used to convey intense emotions, whether positive or negative.

For example – “She was scared as hell during the thunderstorm.”

Talking About Personal Traits or Characteristics

Some people also use it to describe someone’s personality or traits vividly.

For example –

  •  “He’s stubborn as hell; he won’t change his mind.”
  • She’s funny as hell; she always makes me laugh.”

How can you respond to ASL? 

Well, firstly, understand its meaning. Then, if it is used for “age, sex, location,” share your details in case you’re comfortable doing that otherwise, skip the question or divert the conversation to another topic. 

And if it’s used as hell, understand the context and then find the right response. There are no suggestions I have for you in this case because it’s more of a subjective situation where the user can use it in n number of ways, and the response too differs from person to person. 

Frequently asked questions –

What are the least used meanings of ASL on Snapchat? 

The rarely used meanings are American Sign Language, Above sea level, additional support for learning, Australian Society for Limnology, active speech level, and assembler source language. 

Is ASL informal slang? 

Well, if it is used to say “as hell,” then it’s informal in most cases. But if it’s used as “age, sex,nlocation,” it’s not so informal. 

Does ASL mean something impolite or vulgar? 

The short answer is yes. Sometimes, people use it as hell to convey something vulgar or impolite, so we can say it can refer to something like that. 

Is it okay to share your ASL on Snapchat? 

It is only okay if you are comfortable doing so. However, sharing this kind of information with strangers is considered risky. But again, it’s your choice. So you can share if you’re okay.

Summing Up… 

ASL is a slang that is used in a variety of situations. Sometimes people use it to ask someone about their age, sex, and location details. And other times, they use it to emphasize something. 

I hope you have understood this differentiation till now. 

But if you have any doubts, you can ask me in the comments.