What Does ASL Mean On Instagram?

If you are not keeping up with coming-of-age slang and acronyms on Instagram, you will fall behind.

With each passing day, the Instagram vocabulary is expanding with more abbreviations that suit the texting style on social media platforms.

One such cool abbreviation or acronym on Instagram is ‘asl’. If you want to know what does asl mean on Instagram and in which context you can use it, then this blog is for you.

what does asl mean on instagram

What Does ASL Mean On Instagram?

On Instagram, “Asl” stands for “as hell”. The meaning of the slang expresses anger or frustration. However, the meaning can also differ with the context, as it can be used to emphasize, exaggerate, and display anger.

How Can You Use “Asl” On Instagram?

As the meaning of Asl change with its context, it can express a wide range of emotions in a conversation. You can express anger, show admiration, or lay emphasis using Asl in online communications. These are some contexts in which Asl is used in text on Instagram:

Using “Asl” to Emphasize

You can use Asl to convince others. Here is an example to demonstrate it.

  • Nick: Have you seen Tony’s new home? Folks say it’s beautiful.
  • Kelly: Beautiful, is putting it mildly. It’s luxurious asl! 
  • Mahesh: Really? I can’t wait to catch up with Tony at his new home.
  • Kelly: See you there. 

In the example, we see that Rama convinces Mahesh that Tony’s house is luxurious, as folks say.

Asl used to emphasize can be associated with exaggeration. Here’s an example.

“That jacuzzi is big asl”.

Here, in the example, asl is used to exaggerate the size of the jacuzzi. 

Using “Asl” to Give Compliment

Asl is widely used to compliment on Instagram. If you admire someone, you can use Asl to compliment them on their looks. 

Moreover, You can use Asl to complement your crush. Here are a few examples of complimenting others using Asl.

  1. Appearance:
    • “You look absolutely stunning in that outfit! asl”
    • “Your hairstyle suits you perfectly, it’s so stylish. asl”
  2. Work/Performance:
    • “Your presentation was incredibly well-researched and delivered! asl”
    • “Your dedication and hard work are truly paying off – great job! asl”
  3. Skills/Talent:
    • “Your guitar playing is amazing. I could listen to you for hours. asl”
    • “You have a way with words – your writing always captures my attention. asl”
  4. Kindness/Personality:
    • “Your kindness and empathy make a real difference in people’s lives. asl”
    • “You’re a great listener – it’s a rare quality and I appreciate it. asl”
  5. Achievements:
    • “Congratulations on your promotion! Your hard work has paid off. asl”
    • “Finishing that marathon is a huge accomplishment – you’re so inspiring. asl”

Note: You should use asl to compliment people you know. As it is used casually, you cannot use it for people you don’t know. But if you do, you would come off as uneducated and rude.

Using “Asl” to Show Frustration And Anger

Asl is commonly used to express anger or disagreement with another person. This use of asl is found in chats as well. Here is an example for your understanding.

  • Jack: You have rejected my tender?
  • Paul: Yes. Your tender quoted a higher price and went to the lowest bidder.
  • Jack: What? My proposal was the best, and the price was minimal. You deliberately turned down my tender.
  • Paul: Asl it is! Your tender did not qualify, and there was nothing I could have done.

“Asl” Means “Age, Sex, Location” on Instagram

When you’re trying to know someone in a chat, “ASL” might also stand for “Age, Sex, Location. Which is used to know people on different social media platforms .

However, if you receive “asl”, the sender wants to know if they are conversing with an adult or minor and if you live near them.

It is primarily used in dating sites; however, it is also used in chats on Instagram.

Other Meaning Of “Asl”

Another meaning of Asl is “American Sign Language” and is used in an academic context.


Here we have described all the meanings of “asl” and the different contexts it is used in so that you can use it and hold conversations on Instagram.

Now you will know when to use Asl and how to interpret and respond to it when you receive one.