What Does 5k Subscribers Mean on Snapchat? Explained

Saw 5k subscribers on someone’s profile on Snapchat and thought, what does this refer to? 

If yes, continue reading this article to know what does 5k subscribers mean on Snapchat. 

What Does 5K Subscribers Mean On Snapchat? 

As the term suggests, 5k subscribers refer to the user having a public Snapchat account with more than 5 thousand subscribers on their account who are interested in their content.

5k subscriber snapchat meaning

However, the subscriber count only appears on those with a public account profile and have turned the toggle on for the “show how many follow me” feature. 

Let’s make it more simple for you with an example – 

Example of 5k subscribers on snapchat

Have a look at this account – Neetu Bisht has 2.1 Million followers. 

But you can see this follower count because – 

  • She has set her account to public. 
  • She wanted to make the follower count appear on her profile. 

How can you see your Subscriber’s count on Snapchat? 

There are three ways of knowing how many people have subscribed to your Snapchat account – 

  1.  Check it from your profile.
  2.  Guess the number of people who have watched your story. 
  3. Use third-party tools. 

1st Method – From Profile

To check the subscriber count from your profile, it is necessary to have a public account. So, if you don’t have one, just convert your account to a public profile. 

After that, follow this step – 

  • Smash the “My public profile” option. 
Smash the "My public profile" option. 
  • Now, have a look below your username. The number will appear there.
have a look below your username

2nd Method: From Analytics

For this method, too, you must have a Public profile. Apart from that, your follower count should be more than 1k. 

If you have that, post a story on the platform and go to Snapchat analytics. And from there, check how many people have viewed your story. 

 This method is not an accurate one. It won’t give you a clear idea about your subscribers. 

3rd Method – Third-party tools

Although third-party apps can help you get a clear idea of your subscriber count on Snapchat, it is highly recommended not to use these apps. They aren’t considered safe. 

Rest is your choice. 

How can you make your subscribers count appear on your profile on Snapchat? 

Seeing the number of subscribers you have on Snapchat is a breeze. You just need to follow these steps – 

Step 1 – Set your account to public

If you don’t already have a public account, set it to public. Here are the steps for that – 

  • Click on your avatar icon. 
Click on your avatar icon. 
  • Find the Create public profile option. Click on it. 
Click on create public profile option
  •  Hit the continue option. 
 Hit the continue option. 
  • Click on “Get Started.” 
Click on "get started.
  • After this, tap on the Create option to complete the setup process. 

Step 2 – Enable the “show how many follow me” option. 

The next thing you need to do after setting up your account is enable this feature. Following are the steps for that – 

  • Click on “My public profile.” 
Smash the "My public profile" option. 
  • Select the Edit Profile option. 
Select the edit profile option. 
  • After this, just turn the toggle to the right side to make your follower count appear on your profile. 
turn the toggle to the right side

How can you Increase the Subscriber Count on Snapchat? 

Having a large number of subscribers or followers on social media platforms is a dream of many. They want to be acknowledged by people. 

Are you one of them? If yes, you can follow these tips to grow your audience – 

# Make your content interesting

You may have also heard about “content is the kind.” Right? Well, this phrase is true because the better your content is, the more people will love to engage with it. 

No one wants to view anything boring, non-resonating, or useless. So, focus on making your stories as engaging as you can. 

Decide a niche, analyze what kind of content your audience would like, and start creating. 

Tip – Grabbing hot topics is another thing you should think about while sharing content. Generally, people are interested in viewing something trendy. So, if you give them that, it will increase your chance of getting subscribed by them. 

# Be consistent

Answer one question – Would you like to follow someone who doesn’t share content regularly? 

Your answer is most probably no. Right? And that is what you need to keep in your mind. 

If you don’t want to follow inconsistent users, why would people subscribe to you? 

So, focus on sharing the content regularly. Gaining subscribers is not a one-day or a moody game. You should post consistently to show that you are worth subscribing to. 

# Collab with others

Collaboration is one of the best features that help in growing an audience not only on Snapchat but also on every social media platform. 

So find someone who is ready to work with you. 

If you do that, their audience will know you, and if they like you, they most likely will subscribe to your account too. 

# Share your snap profile

Do you use other social media platforms, too? If that’s a yes, you can share your Snapchat profile on those accounts so that people who love you there can reach out to you on Snapchat, too. 

# Run giveaways

Running giveaways is another proven way of building a large network on social media platforms. 

Just ask your audience to do something, and in return, give them a gift or whatever else you think is enough to make people do what you say. 

For instance – If you run a giveaway of Netflix premium on sharing your profile, users will probably do it because doing so doesn’t take anything from them, but it will give them a Netflix subscription. 

# Snapchat ads

Using ads to grow your audience is a good enough method, but it is not free. You have to pay to run ads. 

So, if you are ready to pay, you can use Snapchat ads, too. 

Frequently asked questions

Can you see who has subscribed to your account on Snapchat? 

There is no direct way of seeing who has subscribed to your Snapchat account. 

Can you earn after gaining 5k subscribers on Snapchat? 

Snapchat doesn’t pay you for your audience. Although you can collaborate with brands, sell products/services, or submit your highest viewed snaps to Spotlight to earn. 

What happens when people get 5k subscribers on Snapchat? 

Nothing different happens when people achieve a subscriber count of 5k. Everything remains the same. But if the user wants, they can take advantage of having a large number of audience through collaborating, influencer marketing, etc.  

Summing up…

5k subscribers on Snapchat refers to the fact that the user has 5 thousand subscribers on their account. That’s all. 

I hope you have understood this concept properly. But if not, feel free to clear your doubts by penning them down in the comments.