What Channel is Paramount on Directv?

It can become troublesome to manage all your favorite channels by subscribing to numerous streaming services and networks, especially if a service offers a wide variety of options. If you’re a Directv customer, you might wonder what channel is Paramount on it. 

Directv users can find the Paramount network channel on channel number 241. Regardless of your subscription plan and packages, the channel number will remain the same for all Directv subscribers.

This article will guide you to find the Paramount channel on Directv and understand the dissimilarity between the Paramount channel and Paramount Plus. It will help to find and stream all your preferred movies and shows without inconvenience.


Where Do You Find Paramount Channel on Directv?

All Directv subscribers can find the Paramount network on channel 241. This channel number will remain the same on all Directv plans or packages.

You can also utilize the search option under the channel guide to find out the Paramount channel. 

Alternatively, if your set-top box lets you restrain the channels based on categories, try using it to quickly find out the Paramount channel.

What is the Paramount Channel?

The Paramount Network is a channel that broadcast all Paramount shows, movies, and entertainment forms. Since Paramount picture is one of the world’s leading producers of entertainment, the Paramount channel is committed to all the content that Paramount has delivered to the audience over the years.

Is the Paramount Channel Free?

Unfortunately, the Paramount Channel is not free. It’s because they produce most of their programming in-house and primarily repeat entertainment shows.

Paramount asks for a subscription from a TV provider like Directv so that you can watch the channel on your TV. However, you can stream the Paramount Channel on a computer browser for 24 hours without signing up for TV. 

If the time limit gets over, you’ll need to log in with an account of the TV provider.

Are Paramount Plus and Paramount Network the Same? 

No. Paramount Network and Paramount Plus are not the same. Paramount Plus is a streaming service that broadcast all exclusive content of Paramount media. Subscribers of Paramount Plus, get access to all the Paramount movies and shows that are not available anywhere else. Sometimes, they are not even available on the traditional Paramount Network.

Is it Possible to Watch Your Favorite Shows on Channel 241 with Directv?

The movies and shows that you want to watch on the Paramount channel, may or may not be available on the Paramount Network channel on Directv. Although the Paramount Network Channel broadcast almost every show and movie of Paramount, it’s impossible to select media based on your preferable time to stream them. This is only possible with Paramount Plus.

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount has launched Paramount Plus with various lucrative features to entertain people when they get no choice but stay home for nearly one year.

Paramount Plus is mainly divided into two categories, one is Essential and the other is Premium. It costs $5 for Essential and $10 for Premium Paramount Plus subscription. 

Alternatively, you can pay for a yearly subscription that costs around $50 for Essential and $100 for Premium. Also, you can watch your local CBS station once you get a subscription to the Premium plan of the Paramount Plus website or the app.

Paramount Plus which is previously known as CBS All Access, has about 30,000 original episodes and other content across a variety of genres which is undoubtedly higher than its ancestor. Moreover, Paramount Plus includes live sports and allows you to access news channels and shows in your local area. In case, you don’t want to watch Paramount Plus anymore, you can cancel the subscription.

How to Watch Paramount Plus?

The Paramount Plus app is compatible with almost every smart device such as mobile, streaming devices, smart TVs, and more. 

Following are the name of devices compatible with the Paramount Plus app:

  • Apple TV,
  • Android TV.
  • Android mobiles and tablets.
  • iOS devices.
  • Chromecast.
  • Roku devices.
  • Fire TV and Kindle Fire devices. 

Furthermore, you can visit the Paramount Plus website from a computer browser and log in to your account to watch Paramount Plus.

What You Can Do if Your Directv doesn’t include Paramount?

If your Directv doesn’t include the Paramount channel, you should directly call Directv to examine your present package and plan. Also, you can inquire if there are any available alternative options so that you can include your preferred Paramount channel. However, keep in mind that although Paramount and Paramount Plus share the same parent company, they both are not the same. 

Final Words

That’s it. Paramount Network offers its users high-quality movies and TV shows. If you’re using Directv service and facing trouble finding the Paramount channel on Directv, then you have surely got the answer from this article. Thanks for reading!