How to Unlock Permanent and Temporarily Locked Snapchat Account

If your Snapchat account gets locked for an extended period, you may be using third-party apps or tweaks or you’ve sent spam messages that violate their Community Guidelines.

However, if the Snapchat account is permanently locked, you can’t recover it. Whereas for a temporary lock, you can easily unlock your Snapchat account after 24 hours via the app or website.

The following guide will discuss the reasons for the account being locked and how to get it back.


Why is the Snapchat Account Locked

The Snapchat account is locked due to the following reasons:

  • Third-party apps and plug-ins: If you’re using some third-party apps, plug-ins or tweaks, it’s the main reason your Snapchat account gets locked. Unauthorized third-party apps like Snapchat++, Phantom etc., utilize your login information to access Snapchat that is against their Terms of Service. 
  • Spam and abusive activity: Your Snapchat account gets locked because you’ve sent spam/fake snaps or engaged in abusive behavior. Snapchat’s Community Guidelines don’t allow spam or any deceptive activities like manipulating content for wrong intentions.
  • Non-verified account: If you haven’t verified your Snapchat account yet and sent too many friend requests in a short time, Snapchat detects it suspicious and hence, locks the account.
  • Compromised account: There’s a possibility that the Snapchat account was compromised and therefore, they lock it to protect your privacy.
  • Logging in using a banned device: When you try to log in using a banned device, it leads to a potential account lock.
  • Suspicious Activity: Suspicious activities like usage of automatic third-party bots & tweaks designed to make action on your behalf can be a reason for a locked Snapchat account.
  • Log in from unknown location and device: If you try to log in from an unknown location or device, your Snapchat account might get locked.

How to Prevent being Locked on Snapchat 

1. Uninstall third-party apps: Uninstall any third-party app, plug-in or tweak. Before trying to log in back to your Snapchat account, you need to uninstall unauthorized third-party tools from the mobile or it can be permanently locked.

2. Verify email id with the Snapchat account: After you successfully log in, verify your email id associated with the account to prevent being locked again. To do that, open the Snapchat app and follow the steps below:

  • Open your profile and tap the gear icon (Settings) from the upper right corner.
  • Tap Email, enter email address and select Save.
  • Now, go to your mailbox and tap Confirm email.

3. Follow the Terms and Conditions: To keep your Snapchat account secure, follow the rules and guidelines of Snapchat. If it detects you going against the terms and conditions, your account will be permanently locked and there is no option to recover it. 

4. Generate Random & Secure Password: Another easy way to secure your Snapchat account is to use a strong password. There’re many password generator websites, you can take help. Alternatively, you can change your Snapchat password frequently to protect your account.

What you can do to Unlock Snapchat Account

1. Temporarily Locked Account

In order to unlock your Snapchat account, visit the My Account is Lockedpage via Snapchat’s official website, select the unlock your account link, log into your account and click Unlock.


2. Permanently Locked Account

If you’ve seen the message “your Snapchat account is permanently locked” while trying to unlock your account, it means the Snapchat support team will not be able to recover your account.

3. Compromised Account

A compromised or hacked account means someone has accessed your account without authorization. If you’re getting a message that says, “your account may have been compromised”, quickly change your password if possible and verify the email and mobile number associated with your account.

Otherwise, go to the contact support team page, select your problem and fill the form with correct information, then click Send. You’ll get a response from the Snapchat support team once they detect your problem. 

And you’re done.

However, if you can’t unlock the account or while trying to unlock it, you see that the account is permanently locked, contact the Snapchat Support Team. You can request them to unlock it for you. Though in most cases, it’s not possible to get back a permanently locked Snapchat account.