How to Fix Twitter Something Went Wrong, Try Again Error

Are you tired of seeing the “Twitter Something Went Wrong, Try Again” error? Especially due to the newly launched upgraded UI design of Twitter to the public, users are witnessing this issue on their Twitter account.

In short, Twitter keeps saying, “Oops, Something went wrong” whenever you try to open the profile page, check notifications and read tweets. No matter how many times you tap on the big blue button “Try Again”, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Additionally, some users attempt to refresh the web page using the F5 button or right-clicking and selecting Reload. Unfortunately, the browser still displays the same error message.


Moreover, you can even try a hard refresh to fix the issue. Open the Twitter website and press Ctrl+F5 together in order to reload the page without using browser cookies for a fresh start.

Though it’ll temporarily resolve the error and you can open Twitter website without any mistake message. But, as soon as you try to check notifications or other web pages, it’ll show the annoying message “Something failed”. Let’s learn the methods to fix the “Something went wrong” error effectively

How to Fix “Twitter Something Went Wrong, Try Again” Error?

Here are two simple solutions to take care of this error message.

Update Date and Time on Your PC

Sometimes a wrong local time and date in the web browser prevent Twitter from opening properly. As Twitter sees a different time or date in their server, the error appears while trying to open the profile.

Here’s how to update your date and time on the PC.

1. Press the hotkey Win+R and type control timedate.cpl. Hit Enter.

2. On the Date and Time window, select Internet Time from the upper bar and click Change Settings.

3. Mark the box Synchronize with an Internet time server.

4. Type at the Server area and select Update now.

5. Click Ok.

Now you can check if it resolves the issue.

Clear Twitter Cookies and Caches

Are you still getting the Twitter error message? If changing the date or time doesn’t work, you need to clear cookies and caches from the web browser (like Firefox, Google Chrome).

Generally, deleting caches or data helps to troubleshoot any problem. When your browser can’t load Twitter’s latest UI version, caches may cause the error to view. Here are the steps to follow.

For Firefox:

1. Open Firefox on the PC.

2. Visit the website.

3. Click the lock icon (View site information) before the website’s URL in the address bar and select Clear Cookies and Site Data.

4. A new dialogue box Removing Cookies and Site Data will appear. It displays all earlier domains or URLs in a list related to Twitter.

5. To wipe out Twitter cookies and site data saved in the browser’s cache, select Remove from the bottom.

6. This action may log out of the website but surely solve the problem. Now, restart the web browser and visit the Twitter site again. You need to re-login to your account.

For Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome and visit

2. Click the padlock icon on the upper left of the URL.

3. Click Cookies.

4. Select from the pop-up menu and click Remove at the bottom.

5. Click Done.

Hopefully, this will fix the “Twitter Something Went Wrong, Try Again Later” error. However, if it still keeps displaying the same message, you can try the method on different browsers.

In a Nutshell

The above fixes are proven methods to solve this specific error. Hence, make sure you get the correct time and date on your PC. Also, don’t forget to perform a hard refresh. But if it doesn’t fix your concerned issue, you can clear cookies and caches from the browser.

Not to mention, the problem may arise from the Twitter end. This often leads to questions if Twitter is down or the latest UI involves bugs or viruses. In that case, you can’t do anything except waiting for them to fix the problems.