How to Use TikTok for Business

It’s a new year, and you’ve got your Instagram strategy working beautifully. You’ve increased brand recognition substantially, and your website is getting tons of organic traffic. It’s time to take a back seat and relax.

Or is it?

Considering that Instagram has 1.07 billion active users, you might feel complacent. That might be a mistake. TikTok has 689 million monthly active users globally. If you incorporate the users of TikTok’s parent company’s Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, the number of users overall is 1.29 billion.

tiktok for business

In just a few short years, the company has eclipsed Instagram and grows stronger by the day. Isn’t it time for your business to start getting in on the action?

In this article, we’ll look at how to use TikTok for business.

Step 1: Understand the Platform

The platform consists of the “Following” and “For You Page” sections. On launching the app, the FYP displays by default.

The For You Page

Here you’ll find the trending videos and most popular creators. You may explore more content from there without having to follow anyone to view it. You may opt to follow TikTokers, whose content you like.

Following Page

If you want to see what your favorite TikTokers are up to, navigate to your Following Page.

Step 2: Finding Trends on TikTok

Finding trends is fairly simple. Just look at the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and click “Discover.” This will bring up the trending accounts, challenges, and hashtags. Are there any that you could relate to your business?

Step 3: Consider Paid Promotions

On any social media platform these days, the only way to ensure that you get eyes on your content is to pay for advertising. TikTok is no different but does offer several unique advertising options.

With many of them, you’re allowed a 60-second video. It’s usually more effective, however, to stick to 15 seconds at the most.

You’ll need to pay for your advertising using Reservation on TikTok Ads.

Is it worth it, you ask?

58% of users become more interested in a brand after seeing it on Instagram. Considering how quickly TikTok is growing, the numbers could prove phenomenal.

In-Feed Native Content

You have less than 15 seconds to play your ad. It plays randomly in the person’s home feed and doesn’t typically feel like an advert. The sound switches on automatically if the viewer activates full screen, and they may skip your ad.

Unlike Instagram, however, you may add a clickable link to your TikTok page, website, or app. You may evaluate the success of the video by measuring the:

  • Number of clicks and impressions
  • Video views
  • CTR
  • Interactions
  • Play duration

Uses can like, comment, or share your video. They may also choose to follow your business page and use your soundtrack to make their content.

Top View

This is undeniably an excellent way to catch your target audience’s attention. The video-first format appears prominently at the top of the “For You” feed and plays with sound, narrative, and clear picture. It does feel similar to native advertising and will show in the feed.

Users, however, will get a clearer idea that it’s a branded video. It’s an excellent way to build brand awareness. This format works particularly well with brand takeovers or hashtag challenges.

Brand Takeovers

If you wish to capture the attention of your target audience, a brand takeover might be the way to do it. You may use a GIF, 3- to 5-second video, or static image. Your team may imbed links to hashtags or challenges on TikTok or your website.

Your ad plays as soon as the user opens the app. It takes over the whole screen, and users may click anywhere on the screen to go through to your website, a hashtag, or a challenge.

Hashtag Challenge

A fun hashtag challenge is one of the best ways to take advantage of user-generated content. The challenges generally run for between three and six days and fall under three sections:

  • The first section is the video that appears in your target audience’s feeds. These videos explain the challenge, encourage them to take part, and direct them to the challenge page.
  • Next, you have a featured banner that appears on the Discover page. This banner directs them to the challenge page.
  • Finally, you have the challenge page. It’s this page that everyone submits their videos to.

TikTok provides some attractive package options, creative guidance, seamless setup, and the correct media placements. Creating a hashtag challenge is extremely simple. 

What happens at the end of the challenge is up to you. Many companies use prizes to motivate viewers to cloud their videos. If you can come up with something that’s totally out of the box and really fun, however, you may not need prizes.

Branded Effects

Branded Effects is a fun way for companies to enrich their user’s experience. You create branded filters, stickers, or effects for other users to use in their content. You may use such campaigns on their own or include them with a Hashtag challenge.

The upside is that the community sees the company giving something back. Sure, they’re advertising your brand, but they still get an excellent effect out of it. They’ve got yet one more way to engage with you and your brand.

Step 4: Driving User Engagement

TikTok users are generally highly engaged. They’re quick to try out a hashtag challenge or encourage their friends to do the same. There are many ways to get your users to engage with your brand. You might, for example, challenge them to share their art, recipes, top tips, and so forth.

TikTok runs on user-generated content, not picture-perfect, flawless videos. Users here are looking for authenticity rather than perfection. Make your campaigns fun, quick, and authentic.

Step 5: Create a Hashtag Challenge

Brainstorm with your younger employees so that you come up with a fun hashtag challenge that almost anyone can do. It can be as silly as you like; just make sure that it’s doable and not dangerous. No “Tide Pod Challenges,” please. 

Time Is TikToking Away

Have you looked into TikTok as a means of building your brand? If your target audience consists primarily of Generation Z, you may wish to get started with that now.

Even if you have a small following on the channel, it’s wise to start taking advantage of it. The native features, clever advertising options, and overall user engagement on the channel make it a force to be reckoned with.