Supporting Remote Employees with Screen Recording Tools

We all know how important remote work has become nowadays. Many companies and employees have been working remotely for years.

But with a sudden increase in the number of remote employees and freelancers, some companies are struggling to adapt to this new way of working.

One of the biggest challenges for companies is finding effective ways to support and monitor their remote employees. This is where screen recording tools come in.

supporting remote employee with screen recording tool

What Are Screen Recording Tools?

Screen recording software are applications that allow users to record their computer screens. And this is not only about making videos by capturing screen activity: you can also record voice, webcam, and system audio.

Moreover, many tools offer screenshotting features and additional tools to annotate, edit, and share recordings.

The common use case of screen recording is for creating tutorials, product demos, and presentations. However, they can also be extremely useful in a remote work setting.

Characteristics of a Good Screen Recorder

When selecting the best screen recorder for remote work, consider several key factors to ensure the chosen software meets your specific needs and provides a seamless experience:

  • Ease of use

The user experience and learning curve are crucial. A user-friendly interface is essential for efficient adoption, especially for team members who aren’t tech-savvy​​​​. All the features should be easily accessible and simple to understand.

  • Recording options

Modern PC screen recording software often supports multi-stream recording, allowing for simultaneous audio, video, and screen capture. This is particularly useful for creating engaging and comprehensive presentations​​.

  • Supported export formats

The range of export formats a screen recorder supports affects how you can use your videos. It’s important to check if the software supports the specific formats you need, like MP4, AVI, or MOV to avoid quality loss due to transcoding​​ and any compatibility issues with platforms.

  • Control over recording parameters

Flexibility in adjusting settings like frame rate, audio sources, and recording area is important for tailored recordings. More control allows for more personalized and convenient recordings​​.

  • Safety

With sensitive data often shared during remote meetings, it’s essential that your screen recording software prioritizes data protection and offers robust security measures​​.

Benefits of Screen Recording for Remote Work

1. Improved communication

Screen recordings can help clarify complex issues that are hard to explain via email or chat. Employees can record their screens to demonstrate a process or show exactly what they’re seeing, which can be especially helpful for visual learners.

2. Training and onboarding

For new hires, screen recordings provide a visual guide. For example, trainers can record step-by-step tutorials for designing a website or using specific software, which new employees can watch at their own pace. This can be more effective than traditional manuals.

3. Troubleshooting and support

If an employee encounters a technical issue, they can record the problem and send it to the IT team. This gives the support staff a clear understanding of the issue, often leading to quicker and more accurate resolutions.

4. Performance reviews and feedback

Managers can use screen recordings to review work processes and provide constructive feedback. This can be particularly useful for roles that are heavily digital, such as graphic design or coding.

5. Creating a knowledge base

Over time, these recordings can be collected and organized into a knowledge base. This can serve as a valuable resource for all employees, offering answers and solutions to common issues or questions.

6. Enhancing collaboration

Screen recordings can be shared among team members to collaborate on projects. They can be used to give progress updates, explain changes, or provide visual feedback.

7. Legal and compliance

In certain industries, maintaining records of activities and processes can be crucial for legal and compliance reasons. Screen recordings can serve as documentation of these activities.

8. Time zone flexibility

For teams spread across different time zones, screen recordings allow for asynchronous communication. Employees can watch and respond to these recordings at a time that suits their schedule.

Top 3 online PC screen recording software

1. Screen Capture

If you need a no-frills, hassle-free recording tool for basic tasks, this might be the perfect fit for you. Screen Capture is a lightweight and straightforward tool that allows you to capture your screen, webcam, and audio.

All recordings are saved as MP4 files, which is a widely used format and compatible with most platforms. Although it lacks advanced features that are available in the desktop version, it’s a great option for quick and easy recordings.


  • Web-based, no installation required
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Simultaneous webcam, microphone, and system audio capture


  • No advanced features or various export options
  • No annotation tools

2. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder is an online tool for screen or webcam recording. It offers no time limit, HD quality for recording sessions and is compatible across various platforms. Users can record in full-screen mode, custom area or webcam/audio only. The tool also offers sharing options to upload your recordings online.


  • Basic recording features
  • Free to use with a simple interface
  • Online sharing capability


  • No advanced features
  • No customization options

3. Clipchamp Screen Recorder

Clipchamp is a versatile video editing and screen recording tool. It offers a range of functionalities, from simple screen recording to video editing, with support for various formats. Users can also upload recordings directly to their cloud storage, making it convenient for collaborations and sharing with remote team members.


  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Offers a range of templates for quick video creation
  • Flexible editing features


  • Sign-up required to start recording
  • Rendering issues


Screen recording has become an essential tool for remote work, offering numerous benefits for teams and individuals. With the right screen recorder, employees can enhance their communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Consider trying out the recommended best screen recorders and find the one that fits your needs. Start capturing your screen today and see how it improves your remote work experience.