Sportsbay Not Working: Top 11 Alternatives You Must Try

People interested in sports events or matches may wish to know about other alternatives to the best websites like Sportsbay. For a sports lover, Sportsbay is a useful site as it offers varieties of sports matches from different categories without any membership or problems.

Sportsbay was a popular free sports streaming website with live videos until DISH Network sued it for violating the anti-circumvention clauses of DMCA. According to DISH, the site operators could circumvent the DRM technologies set by Sling to offer their users Sling programming directly from their servers for free.

Since then, the site is no longer available, and users have been searching for its alternatives. However, most sports broadcasts fall under exclusive rights by some networks. If a site streams content for free, it’s called piracy, and the network loses money. So, Sportsbay or its alternatives are illegal.


Today, we’re going to talk about the top eleven Sportsbay alternatives currently available.

Top 11 Free Streaming Sites Like Sportsbay

Here are the best alternatives of Sportsbay:

1. Bosscast

If you want a free and easy way to watch your favorite rugby, football, tennis or basketball matches, this site is perfect for you. Bosscast is the best live sports streaming website to enjoy all the sports anytime, anywhere and on any device for free.

Since it’s a live streaming platform, you can watch the matches exactly they will be broadcasting online or on TV. Additionally, casting from different sports broadcasters allows them to cover almost all the sports worldwide.

Here, you can check the schedule day-wise for different matches. It covers matches from popular channels like ESPN,  EURO Sports, NBA Hd, Sky Sports etc.

2. Stream2Watch

Another free way to reach your favorite matches like football, basketball, handball, golf or baseball is Steam2Watch. It’s a popular website like Sportsbay to watch live sports and television online.

Besides the above-mentioned sports, you can also enjoy hockey, boxing, tennis, cricket and soccer. TV Channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN America, Sky Sports, EUROSPORT etc., are available on this site.

The best part is your streaming won’t get interrupted by lots of ads or sometimes no ads. The streaming continues pretty smooth for the most part.

3. SonyLIV

This is an India-based top premium sports streaming service. You can check and access various sports categories like cricket, soccer, rugby, tennis, MMA, WWE, Racing etc. If you are a real soccer lover and want to arrange tournaments, you can create custom soccer medals to arrange a soccer competition. Though the service offers free membership, you can upgrade to the paid premium. You don’t need to wait for the streaming time to get the paid service.

In its freemium model, you’ll see ad-supported content with around a 5-minute delay in each stream. The premium subscription also displays ads, but they’re limited to live sports. In a word, you’ll experience the best when you visit the site but will get a better experience once you pay for it.

However, remember, SonyLIV is only available in India. To access it outside India, you need to use VPN. But the biggest advantage is you can access it not only on its website but also on Android and iOS devices.

As an added bonus, apart from sports, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, series and others here. So, is it one of the best sites similar to Sportsbay? Yes, but it’s not only exclusive to sports.

4. WatchESPN

Is there any explanation needed for this website? ESPN is an American multinational cable sports channel that broadcasts American sports entertainment. This brand represents many worldwide popular sports like football, tennis, rugby, boxing etc. With digital technology, everyone can access the site, though those who live in America need an extra step.

The site is only accessible in America. But don’t worry, other countries can use a VPN in order to access it. People can now also visit the website with the help of digital technologies. However, the website only broadcasts exclusive sports matches and categories in America. For example, if you want to watch a cricket match on ESPN, it may not be available there.

The site may also suggest other websites where you can find the type of sports you’re looking for. Except for that, the site offers only high-quality content. So, no need to worry about the streaming quality or performance.

5. Sportlemon

Sportlemon is a simple website with a large variety of sports, including motorsports. Additionally, you can watch cycling, football, tennis, hockey, golf, boxing and others.

The website interface is quite straightforward. All you need is to find the sport you wish to watch and click to stream. Not to mention, you can get all your favorite sports games without accessing the live TV cable or paying a charge.

The streams work quite smoothly, but sometimes you might experience the buffering problem. Some ads will pop up randomly between shows, but nothing so distracting.

6. Footybite

This website will be ideal for visiting as it’s one of the best sites like Sportsbay, where you can access high-quality sports content. Many sports lovers have said that this is the cleanest and simplest sports streaming site with an easy layout and nice interface. The best part is you don’t need to pay anything to watch sports here.

You can find and access different sports categories easily on Footybite. For instance, NBA, soccer, NFL, football, tennis and many more are available. One drawback is the site shows ads, though they aren’t distracting. In contrast, other sports sites may interrupt you with multiple annoying ads, pop-ups or redirects.

However, the best thing is you don’t need to register or pay for the service. Simply visit the site and enjoy sports matches.

7. FromHots

If you’re searching for a platform to watch football with friends without worrying about loading or the stream going down, FromHots can be your calling. It’s a relatively new website specializing in streaming sports.

The website broadcasts content from several sources. So, in case one source stops working or doesn’t open, you can instantly find an alternative stream. It offers hundreds of live matches from all over the world, like cycling, boxing, baseball, football, basketball, racing, ice hockey etc.

Moreover, there’s no need to register or sign up to the site to access all content. Although you’ll face random pop-ups, they’re not too much annoying. In short, you can rely on this site that it’ll provide you with different sports events worldwide without complications. It is one of the top sites like Sportsbay, where you can access free sports matches easily.


Another simplest site is that’s made for one single purpose, streaming sports games without the minimum obstacles. Many popular games like football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, handball and fighting are available on this site.

You can watch live TV sports or finished matches. There’s also a schedule where you can find the upcoming matches.

Though the streaming is consistent, unlike any unofficial free source, it may also go down or suffer buffering problems sometimes.

9. VIPRow Sports

Watch sports on-demand, live sports streaming and online TV on VIPRow Sports at high-quality. It’s a great website for all sports lovers to watch games without any buffering issues.

Moreover, it has a straightforward user interface and simple design that’s visually attractive and nice. The site has a certain adorability that creates a simple effect on the design and layout.

It has appealing icons that, upon clicking, take you to the links. The icons present different sports categories, including football, MMA, WWE, boxing, cycling, darts, golf, Formula 1, Moto GP, volleyball etc. These are just one click away from your finger.

However, you’ve to face pop-ups since they need ads to run the site. But those ads are not very annoying. After all, when you want to enjoy high-quality sports matches on a simple interface, this is the ideal site. There’s even no registration required.

So, in the performance and experience, this site is surely promising. It’s one of the worthy best sites like Sportsbay that you must check.

10. Sportsurge

Sportsurge may not have a lot of games under it, but the streams are extremely consistent and run without any hurdles. Sometimes, you may experience buffering troubles, though that’s limited. It’s because the site is still in the beta version.

The site casts from many popular broadcasters, from Sky Sports to ESPN. It’s a free site that offers free live sports, sports videos and match schedules from all around the world. That’s why you can find the best streams here.

Sports like NHL, NFL, MMA, NBA and boxing are the most popular on this website. Additionally, one thing that makes Sportsurge different than others is it has the world’s first mobile sports streaming app. So, you can enjoy sports on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

11. LiveTV

If you wish to watch more sports for free, it’s the best alternative site to Sportsbay. Enjoy the live coverages of your favorite games from US football, basketball to hockey, soccer, tennis and others. You can easily enjoy the English Premier League, NHL, NBA and UEFA Champions League.

You’ll find various sporting events on the left side of your screen. You can click any of the links and it will redirect you to the stream. All you need is to register or log in to watch their content.

Although you may find advertisements on this site, this is undoubtedly a great option that you can try to enjoy sports.

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