Share Other Blocked On Instagram

The speculation of a new feature called “Share Other Blocked On Instagram” has caused a frenzy among its users.

With this new feature, users can identify who has blocked them on Instagram.

However, when many users turned up to search for it on the app, they couldn’t find it.

share other blocked on instagram

If you are blocked by someone and want to know who the person is then here I am going to give you a clear view of the concept share other blocked On Instagram.

What Is Share Other Blocked On Instagram?

Share other blocked on Instagram feature is a misconception. Many people believe this feature lets them recognize who has blocked them on Instagram. But basically, it’s a myth.

Some social media content creators posted videos and reels about this feature on Instagram, which have gained millions of likes and views.

As per the videos and reels, you can avail of this feature by pressing-

  • Share>Other>Blocked.

You can then see the list of users who have blocked you on Instagram.

However, when we tried to check out this feature, we couldn’t find it by following the said path-

  • Share>Other>Blocked.

In fact, there is no “Other” option after pressing the “Share” button.

Does Share>Other>Blocked On Instagram Work?

No, Share>Other>Blocked does not work. You cannot know who has blocked you on Instagram using it.

Social media creators fanned the rumor about this feature for the sole purpose of views and likes. As mentioned, these reels and videos have gained millions and hundreds of views and likes on Instagram.

However, reading the comments on those posts, we could see the disappointment and frustration of the users who tried Share>Other>Blocked.

Moreover, there is no official statement by Instagram regarding the feature.

Apart from these, Blocking is a privacy feature, and Instagram will not compromise the privacy of its users.

Having said that, some of you will still want to know who blocked you on Instagram. We have you covered in the next section, where we discuss other ways to know who blocked you on Instagram.

Some Other Ways To Know Who Blocked You On Instagram

You can determine if someone has blocked you by checking their Instagram profile. But visiting all your friends’ profiles can be hectic and time-consuming.

However, if you suspect someone in particular, it is easy; otherwise, knowing who has specifically blocked you is humanly impossible.

Here are some ways to know who blocked you on Instagram- 

Search for Their Account

If you remember the account username you suspect has blocked you, search for it on the platform.

  1. Open the search tab
  1. Type the user username and tap on the search icon.

If the result shows “Sorry, this page isn’t available”, then you are probably blocked by that user.

However, the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available” can also mean the account has been deleted.

Check Your Dms

If you share chat history with the suspected account, you can view the profile from there, as Instagram does not remove conversations. If a “User not found” message pops up, they have blocked you. 

Check Their Posts

If the said profile shows 20 posts, but you cannot see one, then it means that that profile has blocked you. 

Mention Them

If you cannot mention the suspected account in a post or comment, then it means the profile has blocked you.

Ask A Mutual Friend

One of the best ways to know if someone has blocked you is to confirm it with a mutual friend. Ask them if they can visit or view the said profile.

If they do, it means that the profile has blocked you, which is why you cannot view it while your friends can.

However, if you do not have common friends with that person, you can always look them up from another account.

If that profile shows up in the search results, it confirms that the profile has blocked you. If not, then it means that the profile has been deleted or deactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see who I have blocked on Instagram?

You can see all your blocked profiles in the blocked user list. Here is how you can find it.
1. Open Instagram.
2. Tap on the Hamburger icon on your profile page
3. Select the “Settings and privacy” option
4. Scroll down and tap the “Blocked” option to open the blocked users list.

Where is share others blocked on Instagram?

The share other blocked on Instagram does not exist. It is a marketing stunt by some content creators on Instagram. So, the option is not there on Instagram yet.


No matter how curious we are, there is no way to know who has blocked us, especially with this rumored feature. This feature is just a marketing stunt by some social media content creators, and it does not work.

However, there are other ways to know who has blocked you. 

In this blog, we have tried to unearth the truth about share other blocked on Instagram and give you a heads up to help you know who has blocked you on Instagram