Rythm Discord Bot – What It Is and How Do You Use It

Being the most popular free-to-use VoIP chatting and gaming platform online, Discord allows its users to enjoy communication and games by using bots or robots commands. These bots are useful to personalize and customize the Discord servers, enhance the functionalities and add fun.

Rythm is a Discord bot dedicated only to music, currently serving over 20 million servers. With Rythm bots, you can play songs from multiple sources like YouTube, Twitch, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc. It’s easy to search, listen, pause or change the song on your Discord server.

Apart from that, Rythm Discord bot supports music playback, lyrics, imports and exports playlists and automatically adds your favorite songs to the queue. The goal of this featured-rich bot is to play music for you easily using special commands without the need for doing them each time to provide a seamless listening experience.


Here, we’ll discuss how to add Rythm on your Discord server, Rythm bot commands and how to fix Rythm stops working.

How to Add and Set Up Rythm Bot on Discord Server

If you have a registered account on a Discord server, follow the process below to add and set up Rythm bot in a few minutes:

  1. Open the Rythm official site rhythm.fm on your browser. Ensure that your internet connection is stable. 
  2. Click Invite the bot.
  3. If you don’t have an account, sign up with your email address or scan the QR code to finish the registration.
  4. Next, log in to your Discord account and choose the Select a server option.
  5. Check the server settings and confirm that you have the manage server permission. If you don’t have it, contact the server admin to grant permission. This step is important to complete the authorization of the Rythm bot.
  6. Once you click Select a server on the authorization page, choose Music Lover from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click Continue at the lower right corner.
  8. Select the boxes, including the Administrator box. Otherwise, all settings will be invalid without it.
  9. To get the best experience, assign the Administrator permission to Rythm on your Discord server. So, the Rythm Discord bot can easily play sound, play music, shuffle the queue and perform other functions.
  10. Now, click Authorize to complete the process.
  11. Lastly, you need to authorize and verify the setup confirming the Captcha showing on the screen. After that, you’ll receive a welcome message, “Thanks for adding Rhythm”, to confirm that you have successfully added the Rythm Discord bot to the Discord server.

The entire process will take a few minutes to get done. Now, you can access and play music on the server with simple commands.

Let’s check out the commands. Remember that all the commands start with “!”.

Rythm Discord Bot Commands

  • !np: This command displays the song currently playing.
  • !play: This command plays any selected song.
  • !skip: It allows you to skip the current song.
  • !skipto: Skip to a desired song in the queue.
  • !disconnect: Disconnect the Rythm Discord bot from the server.
  • !move: Move any song forward or backward in the queue.
  • !rewind: Rewind the song currently playing to the desired point.
  • !forward: Forward the song currently playing to the desired point.
  • !aliases: It shows the aliases of each bot command.
  • !ping: Check the bot’s response time to Discord.
  • !clear: Clear a song in the queue.
  • !remove: Remove a song from an existed queue.
  • !clean: Delete messages and commands on the bot.
  • !seek: Find a particular point within the music track.
  • !search: Search a music source for a particular entry.
  • !soundCloud: Search SoundCloud for your favorite song.
  • !join: This command helps the bot respond to your voice commands.
  • !stats: It displays the stats of the bot.
  • !info: Displays information about Rythm.
  • !shard: It displays the shard you are currently on.
  • !loop: Loop the song currently playing.
  • !loopqueue: Loop all the songs in the queue.
  • !replay: Replay the song currently playing.
  • !removedupes: Delete duplicate songs in the queue.
  • !donate: Get information on how to donate to the Rythm server.
  • !settings: Change Rythm’s settings.
  • !invite: It displays invite links.
  • !shuffle: This command helps to shuffle the tracks on the queue
  • !volume: Adjust the current volume of the track.
  • !pause: Pause the song currently playing.
  • !lyrics: It shows the lyrics of the song currently playing.
  • !playtop: Play the songs on the queue from the top.
  • !playskip: Add a song to the queue and skip straight to it.
  • !queue: This command allows you to view the songs on a particular queue. In case of multiple queues, simply add the page number in front of the command. For example, add Queue 2.

These are all the commands you can use to play music on Discord with the Rythm bot. But in order to do that, you must install the Rythm bot on your Discord server.

Discord Rythm Bot Not Working- Quick Fixes

Though Discord Rythm bot is a great tool, it sometimes may fail to work properly. Many users have complained about the Discord Rythm bot not working or lagging issues.

If you’re also experiencing the same, try out the following quick fixes.

  1. Make sure the Rythm bot is not muted on the server.
  2. Check the bot’s volume and increase it if it’s down.
  3. Confirm that the bot has all the required permissions.
  4. Check whether you’ve typed the correct command.
  5. Adjust the audio settings on Discord and your device.
  6. Ensure the bot is online.
  7. Disconnect and reconnect the Rythm Discord bot to the server.
  8. Rejoin the channel.

That’s all. Hopefully, you can now enjoy music while chatting on Discord with those Rythm bot commands. Also, if it stops working, try out the tips we’ve mentioned above. If you find this article helpful, please share it with others.