An Insider’s Review Of The Moto X

In the world of electronics one of the fastest growing areas in the cell phone. There are many different brands that you can purchase as well as the size of the device and the functions that it provides. This article will give you a review of the new android telephone known as the Moto X.

The Design Of The Moto X

When you are looking at the design of the new Moto X the first thing you will notice is the screen size. The screen is now much larger than it was in previous models. The screen increased from a 4.7 inch to a 5.2 inch screen. It is also much brighter and clearer than it was before. You will also find that the sound is more loud and crisp than before. This is due to the fact that there is one speaker on the bottom of the phone that will supply the clear sound you will hear. You will also find that the design of this cell phone will come in seventeen different colors as well as a wood back option and a leather back option.

The Performance Of The Phone

Motorola had the goal of letting their customers customize their Moto X. This was definitely not a lie. In fact once you own this phone you will not want to every give it up due to the amount of customizing you can do to it. Some of these customizing options are being able to name your phone whatever you want it to be names. The phone is also smart enough to learn the location and the phone setting automatically when you switch between modes. An example of this is when you are in your office it will switch to the quiet mode. It is also smart enough to know when you are in the car and will give the option of switching the mode to the driving mode.

Moto X banner

The Battery

When a person purchases a new smartphone one of the questions they always ask is regarding the battery. The battery that was put into this phone will be large enough to handle the increased power that is needed to operate the new functions of this phone. If you are a person who charges their phone on a regular basis you will not have any problems with this battery holding a charge.


The camera on the Moto X has been upgraded but unfortunately it is still not up to par with cameras on other phones. It has a 13-megapixel camera but the photos that it takes are grainy and you will find that you have a wait time between shooting the picture and the picture being taken. However you do have the options of playing around with the settings to try and get the best photo taking experience you can get.

When you are looking for a phone that will offer you a good experience other than that of the camera you will find that the Moto X will be one of the best Android smartphones on the market. It looks good and works fast and when compared to other Android smartphones it will stand out on the top. The other good thing about this phone that will push it to the top of your must have list is the price. With a two-year contract it is possible that you could get this phone for around $100. It might not be a phone that you get free but it is worth the $100 cost. All in all the Moto X is almost everything that you could hope for in an Android phone.