Reporting and Analysis in Office 365

Microsoft has never facilitated on-premises Exchange with right reporting tools. Consequently, administrators are forced to create their reports using whatever means at their disposal. However, you might want to consider using useful third-party software such as Promodag Reports.

What is Promodag Reports?

Promodag reports refer to an advanced and cost-effective tool that facilitate Exchange Server Administrators alongside IT managers to get valuable information on all aspects of their mailing system. Promodag reports allow controlling your Exchange-based messaging systems. Promodag reports are a comprehensive and versatile range of message tracking, traffic analysis, and planning tools which automate and simplify the process. These tools ensure compliance and optimize the performance of mission-critical email systems.

The absence of a consistent API to access information about mailboxes and their contents had become an issue for both administrators and developers. However, the problem was solved from Exchange 2007 onwards when Microsoft brought in PowerShell and Exchange Web Services (EWS). PowerShell is designed to retrieve information about Exchange configuration and setting quickly. On the other hand, the Exchange Web Services (EWS) is preferred when fifty or more objects need to be processed.

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While Sources of data such as messaging tracking logs have been developed to give insight about how Exchange is used, reports found in the on-premises products are weird and non-useful. Despite being here for more than two decades now, it does not offer off basic box reporting such as mailbox sizes, mailboxes per database; to mention a few.

Why Promodag Reports for Office 365

Office 365 is preferred as a result of two main reasons. First, the administration center in Office 365 features a Reports section that gives reports on varied aspects of services. However, the report is not comprehensive and hardly provides a good insight into how Exchange Online, as well as other Office 365 applications, are used. Consequently, Microsoft delivers the Office 365 reporting web service to give an interface to the Office 365 reporting DataMart. Data on different aspects of Office 365 is obtained from the data source on a regular basis. One can easily access the information available in the DataMart by running the Office 365 PowerShell reporting cmdlets.

Promodag’s usage reports for Office 365 uses a wide range of flexible criteria for compliance. Hence, you can effectively log onto and accurately and quickly respond to HR and governance requests. The tool facilitates for Traffic Analysis as well as SLA Reporting. The tools can manage usage by the mailbox, server, country, or even department. What’s more, one can effectively assign charges by traffic volume, storage space, traffic type, meeting rooms, number of mailboxes; to mention a few. Finally, you can easily obtain a detailed inventory of your current resources.