10 New And Creative Ways To Organize your Mobile Apps

If you are like most people you can spend many minutes throughout a given day looking for a certain application on your mobile device. However, there is good news when it comes to organizing your device. There are many different ways to accomplish this. Some of these are common sense while others are more new and creative ways that might take some thinking on your end but will ultimately help you in the end. You will find ten of these new and creative ways to organize your mobile apps.

Use Verb Based Folders

When looking at your mobile device the average person does not understand terms such as productivity, reference or utilities. These words are often too vague and many do not understand exactly what they mean. The easiest way to organize your telephone is to think about what you actually do on the phone. Such as listening to music, watch videos or even read the news. When you have that part figured out you can then label your folders with titles such as listen, watch or read. This will make finding and going from application to application much easier.

Color Coding Your Folders

Many people use a color-coding system for many different things. This type of system can even be used for your mobile phone. When you are trying to find something your mind will process colors faster than it can read therefore if you have a smartphone you can use different colors to identify different applications.

organize your mobile apps

Alphabetical Order

As long as you can remember the name of the application you are looking for you can use the alphabetical order system. This is one of the easiest ways to organize and if you have a new mobile gadget such as the iPhone the operating system will do it for you.

The Direction You Hold Your Telephone

If you think about how you hold your telephone you might find that it is easier to organize yourself in a way that works with that direction. For instance, you might put your apps around the perimeter of your telephone rather than all in the middle.

Rows With Themes

To keep yourself organized but without folders, it is possible to use themed rows. What this means is that one row would be apps for social media and the next could be apps for navigation and so on. This is a great way to stay organized but still have everything at the tips of your fingers.

Application Usage

If you are like me you like to have the applications that use you more frequently very accessible. This means you can sort your applications by how much you use them. The more you use the app the closer it would be to the top of the phone screen.

Emoji Folders

If you are creative you can have your apps organized by Emoji folders. This is a great way to organize your apps by theme instead of other methods such as color-coding. An example of this would be a music note to identify your music apps such as Pandora.

Creating Personal or Business Folders

Among the many different ways of organizing your mobile apps, there are also the more basic options such as personal or business folders as well as custom folders. This can be helpful if you use your telephone for more than personal business.

How you organize your mobile device is completely up to you. There are many different options available to you. An organization is a personal preference and what might work for one person may not work for you.