What Does Ops Mean In Slang On Instagram Story?

Have you seen Ops on Instagram stories or DMs but are yet to know its meaning? 

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have witnessed a huge surge in the use of abbreviations, acronyms, and slang.

One such slang abbreviation on Instagram is ‘Ops’, commonly used on Instagram stories, text messages, and post captions.

ops meaning on instagram

If you want to know what does Ops mean on Instagram and how to use and respond to it, keep reading.

What Does Ops Meaning Slang Instagram?

“Ops” stands for “Opinions” or “opinions on me” on Instagram. Instagrammers use this to encourage or draw opinions about them from followers and other users, like “Ops on my new dress”.

It is similar to Tbh (To be honest) in that ops also invoke honest opinions from Instagram users about a topic or person.

The abbreviation is mostly used on Instagram stories. However, you can find ops on Instagram chats as well.

So, the next you see Ops on Instagram stories and chats, you know that the person is asking your honest opinion about a particular topic or person.

Note: You should not confuse Ops for Op or Oop, as these are different acronyms and thus have different meanings.

3 Best Case Use Of The Slang Ops

Some of the best-case uses of the slang Ops are:

Instagram Stories

Instagrammers add “Ops on me” to their stories to seek opinions about themselves from followers.   

“Ask and answer” Platforms

You can use “Ops” as questions on Ask.fm and Tellonym to seek opinions about something or someone. 

For instance, you post a question, “Ops on Joe Biden?” seeking opinions on Joe Biden. 

Sometimes, users can also give opinions on people who like their posts.

For example, you can caption your post as “Likers get Ops”  to give your opinions on those who liked them. 


You can use Ops when texting someone to ask for their opinion on someone or something. 

Netizens use the slang term Ops across social media to seek feedback or opinions from followers and connections about things and people, making it a widely-used term on social media. 

How To Use “Ops” On Instagram?

You can use “ops” on your Instagram story or direct message.

To use it on stories, add the caption “Ops on me” to ask your followers for their opinions about you.

Besides this, you can add a Question Sticker to your story with the text “Ops on XYZ” to encourage your followers to respond with their opinions. To add Ops as a Question sticker, follow the instructions below.

  • Open Instagram Stories by swiping right on your feed page. 
  • Next, tap on the “Aa” button on the left sidebar.
  • Now swipe and select the Questions sticker from the bottom carousel.
  • Type your question (e.g., Ops on me) in the box.
  • Finally, tap on “Your story” to post your story.

After posting the story, you can see the responses in your viewer’s list. Btw no one except you can see the responses.

Users tend to respond more to stories with Question stickers as they can easily reply to them by tapping on the sticker and start conversations. 

Thus, it is a great way to encourage responses from others.

How To Respond To “Ops” On Instagram?

Are you unsure of how to respond to Ops on Instagram stories or chats?

Don’t worry; just respond to Ops by sharing your genuine views about someone or something. 

However, take some time to collect your thoughts on someone or something before responding to Ops with your opinion.

Moreover, you must avoid sharing negative or harsh opinions about someone, which can adversely impact their social life.   

Be it on a story or DM, the meaning and the purpose of Ops remain the same, which is to seek and provide opinions on Instagram.

If someone DMs you with Ops on a matter or person, you must reply with your honest opinion on that matter or person. 

You should respond to the slang by sharing a positive view, even though they warrant an honest view. 

It is because sometimes our honest opinions can drastically affect someone’s mental health. 

So, we must be honest yet kind and respectful when sharing opinions on Instagram or any other social media for that matter. 

Similarly, we should refrain from sharing negative views that can potentially hurt someone. 

However, if you still want to share something negative, make sure it’s constructive criticism of someone.

You can share your suggestions on how they can improve or point out the areas they need to work on rather than pointing out their flaws. 

Apart from these, when responding to Ops from a person you are not acquainted with, give a more general opinion.

However, if responding to close acquaintances on Instagram, you can share a more detailed and nuanced opinion about them.

Other Slang Terms related To “Ops”

Besides Ops, there are some other trending slang terms that are doing the rounds on Instagram. 

We will discuss some of the more popular ones here so that you can interpret them when you encounter them on Instagram and respond aptly. 


Finsta is the short form of Finstagram, a.k.a “fake Instagram,” and refers to accounts created with the intent of posting images and interacting in a more private way with close friends, usually reserved as the account’s followers.

It is a second account users create to post more personal/private content. 


“TBH” is the acronym for “to be honest” and is used in post captions and comments to share honest and genuine opinions on someone or something. 


The full form of “IGTV” is Instagram TV. It is a feature on the platform that enables users to upload long-format videos. 


“OOTD” is short for “outfit of the day” and is primarily used in fashion-related posts. 


“Throwback” is a post or photo taken in the past that users presently publish on their Instagram feed. 


The full form of “DM” is “direct message” and refers to private messages sent to someone on Instagram. 


A “Meme” is a funny image or video that goes viral among netizens quickly. 


“Slay” is a term used to describe someone’s perfect looks or performance on Instagram. 


“Squad” refers to a group of friends or followers who regularly feature in a user’s Instagram posts. 


“Bae” is short for “before anyone else” and is an alternative or trimmed-down version of “babe” that is used to express affection for the beloved or significant other on Instagram. 

When analyzing slang terms on Instagram or social media, we must remember that these terms do evolve with time, and therefore, the meanings or interpretations keep on changing.

Moreover, new terms will emerge in the course of time, so keeping up with them is vital for effective communication on social media. 


This post has explained what Ops means on Instagram, and how you can use or respond to Ops with ease. 

The slang term Ops is used to perceive Instagrammers’ opinions on someone or something. 

It can be used in Instagram stories, chats and post captions to invite honest opinions from viewers. This blog explores the various facets of the slang so you are never left out of a conversation.