What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on iPhone & Android? Quick Fixes

Sometimes, you may receive an error, “free msg: unable to send message blocking is active,” while trying to send an urgent text. Texting is an easy way to start a conversation quickly. Therefore, it’s annoying to get such notification as it implies the recipient may have blocked you.

In the following guide, we’ll discuss what “message blocking is active” means, why you see this error and the solutions to fix it.

What does message blocking is active mean?

The “message blocking is active” error means you have blocked the other recipient from your android device and iPhone. One of the common reasons for this error is either the sender or the receiver is in each other’s blocked contact list.


The number is blocked

You’re receiving message blocking is active notification because you may have blocked the recipient’s number or the receiver has added you on their blocklist. To confirm that, try calling each other and check if the call goes through successfully.

Service unavailable

Another reason behind message blocking is active is the service becomes unavailable in your region. You can contact customer care to know if the messaging service is mistakenly suspended or wait until they repair it.

Disabled or Incorrect Shortcode

T-mobiles users often face this issue due to technical glitches or an outdated device. T-Mobile users are experiencing this issue due to disabled or incorrect shortcodes. It’s a problem from T-mobile’s end, and you need to contact their customer service for assistance.

Wrong Mobile Plan

It could happen if your current mobile plan doesn’t have a messaging service. You can contact customer support to know about your current plan. If it allows messaging, you probably don’t have enough balance to send messages.

Restrictions on Premium Message

The “free msg: unable to send message blocking is active” error will pop up if you’ve selected an option/service that doesn’t let your phone send or receive premium text messages. It’s because some apps or your service carrier might have restrictions on premium messages.

How to Fix “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error issue on Android 

In order to fix the error message, you need to try any of the following methods. So, without wasting time, let’s get into it. 

Fix 1: Unblock the number

The first thing you can do is open your Contacts and check the blocklists. If the number is there, unblock it and try to send a message. Also, request the other person to unblock you so they can receive your texts.

To unblock a number on Android, open your Phone app, tap More > Settings > Blocked Numbers and select Clear or Unblock next to the number.

Fix 2: Check your phone status

In order to check your phone status and confirm whether it is Active, go to device settings. If it’s showing Still Porting or Suspended instead of Active, you can’t call or text. In that case, go to the nearest service center to activate your phone number.

Fix 3: Check network coverage

Check whether you’ve sufficient network coverage to send or receive messages. To confirm, check the number of bars at the top right corner of your mobile. If the coverage is listed as None, you won’t be able to send and receive messages or calls. Wait until your network service comes back.

Fix 4: Enter the correct country code for international messages

If you use an incorrect country code while sending texts internationally, you’ll encounter the problem of messaging being blocked. Entering the correct country code can help you with troubleshooting. You can search on Google to confirm the code.

Fix 5: Change your mobile plan

First, ensure you have enabled the Can send/Receive Text Messages on your account’s Settings. If it’s on, it’s possible that you’re receiving the “message blocking is active” notification because your current mobile plan doesn’t include messaging. So, change your data plan that allows messaging.

Fix 6: Switch to a different SIM card

Switching to a different SIM card can eliminate the issue. However, if this method works, you might have a problem with the previous SIM.

Fix 7: Clear phone storage

There should be at least 15% free space in your phone storage to send and receive messages. If not, then clear storage by deleting unused applications, old photos or videos and removing large files into Google Drive. Now, check if it solves the issue.

Fix 8: Re-save the number

If clearing storage doesn’t remove the error, it might occur for a wrong contact. it’s possible that you’ve entered the wrong phone number. So, delete the number and re-save it with the right digits.

Fix 9: Remove iMessaging

Have you changed your mobile from iPhone to Android? Then check whether you’re trying to use the iMessaging service on Android. If the number is registered with an iMessaging number and you’re using an Android, the error “message blocking is active” appears. The only solution is to speak with Apple Support to fix this issue.

Fix 10: Restart the phone

If the above-mentioned fixes can’t solve the message blocking issue, restarting your phone is the final solution. So, press and hold down the power button for a few seconds and tap Restart. Remove the battery as well if you can or take out the SIM and re-insert it. Now, check if you can send messages.

Fix 11: Factory reset your Device

Finally, perform a complete factory reset of your device. For that, open Settings> choose Reset> tap Factory Data Reset. After that, enter the required information to complete the factory reset. Although this method will resolve the issue, we recommend you to try it as the final option.  

How to Turn Off Message Blocking Is Active on iPhone

Here we’ve listed a few fixes that will help to turn off message blocking is active on iPhone.

Fix 1: Enter the Correct Information 

This is the first thing behind any messaging and email issues. Most of the time, users misplace a number or a letter of an email address that prevents your message from delivering to a recipient. So, make sure you’ve entered the correct number or email before sending a message.

Fix 2: Change the SIM Card

Change your phone’s SIM card and buy a new SIM for messaging. If the error gets resolved, the problem is probably with your SIM. Hence, check whether it is the issue or not. 

Fix 3: Turn off the iMessage

Turning off iMessage is the easiest fix to get rid of the error. Usually, both iMessage and normal text messaging are available on the iPhone, and any of them can cause the issue. In that case, turn off the iMessage and use the other application for texting. 

To do that, navigate to Settings> tap Messages> select Turn iMessage Off. Now, check if the problem is fixed; otherwise, move to the next method.

Fix 4: Check the Network Quality

A good internet connection is very important to run the applications on your phone. To check the network quality of your phone, open the other internet-based apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. If they aren’t working, it’s a problem with your phone. 

Fix 5: Update your iPhone

Updating your iPhone with the latest iOS software is very important. However, if you are using an older iPhone model, you probably don’t get the over the air (OTA) updates, or you’ve missed the system update causing the issue. 

So, to check the update for your iPhone, open Settings> tap General> tap Software Updates and install the pending software update.

Fix 6: Perform a Complete Factory Reset

The last option is to perform a complete factory reset. 

For that, navigate to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings> tap Confirm to erase all contents. Now, type the PIN code of your phone and your Apple ID password to disable Apple Find My service. You’ll see a logo of Apple with the progress bar on the blank screen. Once the process is done, there will be flashes of “Hello” in different languages. 

Message Blocking is Active Error on Lycamobile USA

Not only T-Mobile users but also Lycamobile users have experienced the message blocking is active issue. As we previously mentioned, this notification will appear if you forget to recharge your phone or your plan has expired. 

Steps to solve the issue

  1. Go to the Lycamobile website and purchase a minimum plan. Many users have noticed that purchasing a plan as low as $19 per month has resolved this issue.
  2. Some users observe that disabling the Wi-Fi troubleshoot the problem and resumes the functioning of messages on Lycamobile.
  3. Remove the SIM card of your Lycamobile from your phone and put it into another device. It will fix the problem connected with the specific SIM card. 
  4. Sometimes, you may experience an error while sending a message from your phone to email. In such a case, go to Settings> Networks> Mobile Networks> Access Point Name> Input and Save the recommended settings from your Lycamobile.
  5. Last, check if there a message center settings for Lycamobile on your device. For that, navigate to Menu> Messages> Message Settings> Sending Profiles. Now open the first profile to view if the number is similar to the latest Lycamobile message center. In order to get the message center number of Lycamobile, call them on 1-845-301-1612.

Message Blocking is Active on Metro Pcs

  1. The most common reason for message blocking is active on Metro Pcs is that your plan restricts international calls, either from the USA, Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom. You just need to upgrade your plan to fix the issue.
  2. Sim card is another issue you are getting the error. So, try placing your sim card on another device and check whether it works or not. If it works, then there’s something else behind the error. Also, You may need to reset the network as it could be an issue with your message preference or network.
  3. You can contact your nearest Metro Pcs to request a new Smartphone and sim card message features. A large number of customers get benefits from this.
  4. Also, check if the recipient paid the phone bills on time; otherwise, you’ll get a message blocking is active error on your Metro Pc. 

That’s all. Hopefully, you have successfully fixed “free msg: unable to send message blocking is active” on your Android, iPhone or Lycamobile. If you find this article helpful, share it. Also, let us know in the comment if you have other tips.