Is OnlyShares Legit And Safe Site? Know Before You Use

OnlyShares is a platform where people can download videos of OnlyFans for free.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform. So it is obvious people show interest in platforms like OnlyShares, where they can watch and download content of Onlyfans for free.

However, OnlyShares is not a legitimate website. It is one of the lowest-rated websites.


The website sometimes forces its users to purchase unwanted products and register with third party services.

OnlyShares does not have any connection with OnlyFans officially. So it is a completely unauthorized process of downloading content of OnlyFans violating privacy.

So, with all these controversies, people have qualms about the legitimacy of the tool

Know More About OnlyShares

The main proposal of OnlyShares is to allow users to download Onlyfans content for free.

OnlyFans is an adult entertainment industry platform that allows content creators to earn money via subscriptions.

Where OnlyShares, the supplementary tool of OnlyFans, facilitates users to access paid content without any subscription.

Well, these claims raise a direct warning as this website demoralizes OnlyFan’s genuine business model and deprives its earnings.

To avail of this exclusive feature, people often share their personal information and download high-risk software from OnlyShares.

The website does not have any proper guidelines or instructions for using it, and there is no such client testimonial that builds trust for this website.

Due to the lack of transparency, the platform’s credibility and intentions come under scrutiny.

How We Tested

The procedure of searching content on the website was comparatively simple.

We created an account and set the preferences as per the desire, for example, likes, shares, comments, and connects with others.

We tried to download stuff just by entering the OnlyFans creator’s username.

But while trying to download content, it asked us to install some promotional apps to start the download process.

These apps were not legit, which raises potential risk. We stopped there!

Asking personal data and engaging users to download unwanted third-party software are the main reasons that make OnlyShares a 100% scam website.

It has many flaws likewise, is related to the adult industry, and is poorly designed. Sometimes, you can’t even sign up.

If you want to know more about its legacy, keep reading as we are going to give you the exact reasons for not using OnlyShare.

Is OnlyShares Legit?

OnlyShares is not considered as a legitimate and safe website. Here are some key reasons as a proof.

#1. Trust Rating

According to ScamAdvisor, has the lowest trust rating, which is 0.5 out of 100. Which is extremely poor. It indicates the website itself is a Scam.

#2. Poorly Designed

OnlyShares is poorly designed, which affects its online presence. It causes doubt on the platform’s credibility.

#3. No User Review

OnlyShares does not contain a single user review that can prove this website is safe and legitimate. Reviews are the best way to build trust and protect users from online fraud. It shows the professionalism of an organization. But OnlyShares fails here, too.

# 4. Involves Unwanted Downloads And Purchase

OnlyShares involves its users to download or purchase unwanted third party software which is a sign of a scam website.

Downloading third-party software unnecessarily might harm your system, and it counts as a potential risk. You might lose your data by doing this.

#5. No Official Connection with OnlyFans / Red Flags is an independent website. It has no authorized connection to OnlyFans, though it claims to facilitate downloading content of OnlyFans.

It does not have any social proof, either.

Such bad practices are completely considered Red Flags. It violates the terms and conditions of OnlyFans.

# 6. Devalues Work of Creators

OnlyFans is one of the income sources of content creators. Using OnlyShares, people can download that content for free. It devalues the work of content creators and causes big losses to their earnings. It counts as content piracy, which is completely illegal.

#7. Data Breaches

The website is not fully secure, which leads users to comprehensive risks such as data breaches.

There is a potential for unauthorized access to user data, suggesting a lack of concern for user safety and privacy on the part of the website.

All of these reasons are enough to prove that OnlyShares is not and legit platform.

Is OnlyShares.Net Safe?

No, OnlyShares is not a safe website.

This is known as a scam website and tries to evolve users the sign up with third-party services.

Users are even forced to make unwanted purchases.

All this unwanted process is to steal your confidential information.

Despite the fact, that if OnlyShares was inoffensive its security is so bad and offers nothing in terms of security and guidelines.

So, after looking at all these points, it is clear that is completely unsafe.

How to Recognize Spam Websites and Apps?

How to Check if Website is Legit (Legit or Scam?)

Here, we have highlighted the simple ways to spot scam websites and apps.

Use Scam Detector Tools: There are plenty of monitoring services and tools available online to detect copyright violations online. These monitoring tools practice algorithms to scan websites, platforms and online channels for illegal sharing and mark them.

Check Website Name: OnlyFans is a well-known website, and if any other website or app utilizes its similar name without permission, then this is a serious misdeed. So, check the name of the website and examine if it is similar to any recognized website.

Beware of the Free Trap: If any website offers free content of a well-recognized premium website, then you need to be cautious. The word free is utilized to grab the attention of the users and may incorporate hidden risks.


This is all about the website.

This online platform claims free content download of the premium website OnlyFans which is undoubtedly a trap.

So, it is not a legitimate website and can incorporate fair share risk.

Be cautious with the OnlyShares website and if possible, avoid using it.