iPhone Battery Draining Fast – 9 Permanent Fixes to Try

Apple has put efforts into designing its battery charging system to improve its lifespan. But in most iPhones, especially after iOS 16 updates, the battery doesn’t last very long. If your iPhone battery is draining so fast and you have to charge it repeatedly, here’re some easiest methods you can apply to save your iPhone battery’s life.

1. Restart iPhone

There’re many serious issues that can cause your iPhone’s battery to drain faster or sometimes the phone might start draining battery suddenly without reason. The phone might get overheated and the battery drains within a few hours. This is not normal, so you can restart the iPhone to remove software glitches. 

Press and hold the volume or side button until the power-off slider appears, drag the slider and wait for 30 seconds for the phone to turn off. Then turn it on by pressing the side button.


2. Check iPhone’s Battery Health

If the iPhone is more than two years old, there’s a high chance the battery’s lifespan has crossed to a point where it can’t hold charges for the whole day. As batteries age, it can affect the iPhone’s performance. 

In order to check your iPhone battery’s health, navigate to Settings and tap Battery> Battery Health. The phone shows information including the battery’s Peak Performance Capability, Maximum Capacity (check if it’s less than 85%), and if the battery needs to be replaced. If yes, you can go to the Apple Store to replace the battery. 

3. Spotlight & Photos Indexing Draining Battery Life

If you have updated the device to iOS 16 and observed that the battery drains faster than normal, don’t be surprised. It’s common for iOS 16 users as indexing activity runs in the background.

When you update the iOS version, certain background tasks start processing. That includes Spotlight indexing, which is an in-built feature designed to search for apps, notes, and files quickly. The other background app is Photos, which reindexes and scans images for places, objects, metadata, etc.

These background processes and indexing consumes power and hence, the battery doesn’t long last. When it happens, you need to wait for the processes to complete. It can take a few days and hopefully, the battery life comes to normal.

4. Update Apps

If background apps or third-party apps are causing heavy battery drainage, updating the apps can help you resolve such issues. In short, outdated apps can consume excessive battery.

So, to check for app updates, open the App Store, tap your account in the upper right, and tap Update All under the Pending Updates tab.

5. Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a special feature in iOS that allows apps to update their content even when they’re closed. Disabling this feature can help you save a little more battery from draining fast. 

To disable Background App Refresh, go to Settings> General, tap on Background App Refresh, and select off from the given options.

6. Adjust Screen Brightness

A bright display can cause your iPhone battery drain fast. Therefore, a quick trick is to adjust the brightness and set it as low as your eyes can handle. To make the iPhone screen dimmer, pull down Control Panel and drag the brightness slider lower. Or, you can open Settings> Display & Brightness and drag the slider down. If you want to extend the battery life a little more, set the screen in dark mode. From, Display & Brightness, tap the Dark option under Appearance.

You can further turn on Low Power Mode to prevent background processes to save battery lifespan. For that, go to Settings> Battery and tap Low Power Mode.

7. Turn Off Location Services

Location Services allows the apps to track your current location so they can offer you location-specific details. This feature may be useful, but it drains the battery quickly at the same time. If you don’t require the service every time, turning it off temporarily can help you.

To stop sharing your location with apps, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off the option.

8. Change Auto-Lock Settings

You can control how long the iPhone display stays on with the auto-lock feature. Setting a shorter time for the screen lock will stop the iPhone battery from draining faster.

To change auto-lock settings, go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Auto-Lock and set the time to 30 seconds.

9. Perform Factory Reset

If you’re unable to solve the battery drainage issue with the above solutions, performing a factory reset is your last bet. Note that resetting your iPhone will delete all media, contacts, installed apps, saved banking details, browsing history, messages, etc. So, take a backup on iCloud or a PC to restore the content.

To factory reset an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone and then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Hopefully, now your iPhone battery won’t drain charge so fast. After trying out the solutions, if you see improvements, let us know which one works the best for you. Also, leave us a comment if you have any further tips.