How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos – Easy Methods

Do you want to watch your favorite YouTube video again? But whenever you’re trying to find it, an error message keeps showing, “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”. Not only you but many people face such trouble sometimes on this platform.

With 2 billion active users, YouTube has become one of the largest social platforms. People love to upload or watch music or DIY videos and many more on YouTube. In short, there are different types of videos available to entertain its users.

Moreover, the most interesting part is you can watch a video again and again. Not only watching but also you can download that or mark “Watch later”. But what if one day you can’t find that video anymore? Though you’re constantly searching but failed to get it.


Yes, YouTube can delete certain videos for violating its rules or maybe the owner has made them private. As a matter of fact, YouTube is very strict about its guideline. If they find any video doesn’t follow it or people have reported a video as inappropriate, YouTube has the right to remove it.

In effect, whatever the reason is, it’ll be hard to watch it again. But don’t get upset. Many people don’t know this, but there are tricks to find those deleted YouTube videos.

Read the article to know how to find deleted YouTube videos.

Why Does YouTube Delete Videos?

Before proceeding, let’s first get a clear idea about why YouTube videos get deleted. There are over 37 million YouTube channels with various video-based content. Study shows that people spend an average of 41.9 minutes daily or almost 255 hours per year. It’s huge, right?

On the other hand, YouTube has a strict policy regarding its rules and regulations. Upon violating that, YouTube prevents users from watching a certain video. Here are the possible reasons behind it.

Copyright Infringement

If a YouTuber uploads someone else’s content without permission, i.e., violates original copyright and trademark, YouTube can take down the video. Copyright infringement is one of the common issues on this platform.

When the original author claims the content of that video using YouTube’s Content ID, the admin can find one of the following messages next to the video:

  • Includes copyrighted content
  • Muted due to copyrighted content
  • Blocked worldwide
  • Blocked in some countries

Inapporpriate content

If an uploading channel violates YouTube’s community guidelines, you’ll get the message “Video removed: Inappropriate content”  in the search result. It also happens when someone reports a video or channel and YouTube removes it.

YouTube support teams are ready for 24 hours and 7 days to help with any issue. Once they receive any report, they review whether it violates age-restricted policy and guidelines. If they find a video contains violation, hatred, cyberbullying or harassment, spam, scam, impersonation, child safety or others, they immediately take action and delete it if necessary.

How To Find Deleted YouTube Videos?

Undoubtedly, YouTube is now an entertainment as well as learning media globally. However, sometimes error occurs while trying to play a specific video. But if you know the right process, you can find and watch it easily.

Here are two methods to understand how to find deleted YouTube videos.

Find deleted YouTube videos with URL

Let’s start with the easiest method. But before that, have you heard about Wayback Machine? It’s the internet archive that has been collecting and saving every site’s layout and data from 1996. In fact, till December 2020, this enormous world archive has contained data over 70 petabytes with 514 billion web pages.

With this in mind, all you need is to go to and find your website. In this case, you’re looking for a deleted video to watch. But in order to get that, you need its URL or link first. Otherwise, an internet archive won’t be helpful without a link.

Here are the quick steps to follow.

1. Visit YouTube.

2. If you know the video’s name or the uploading channel, search by it in the search bar. Otherwise, you can find the video in your browser history, YouTube’s Watch History or Liked Videos if you gave it a like before.

3. Copy the URL of your desired video.

4. Open a new tab and type Now paste the URL in the search box and hit enter from the keyboard.

5. Wait for a while for the internet archive to find your deleted YouTube video.

6. Once you find it, you may see the details of the video. However, you can’t play it directly from here. You need to download the video first.

7. Right-click on the video to get the download option and enjoy it.

It is the most useful method as Wayback Machine continuously archives different sites. But remember, you may see a range of years while searching for a video. It’s best to check for the oldest available year because the new archived page can be a deleted page warning.

Find deleted YouTube videos from the backup

What if you download the video successfully from and delete it accidentally? That means you again have to repeat the process mentioned above. You could recover it easily if you had backed up already.

Most people don’t feel the need for backup data or files. When something gets deleted accidentally or intentionally even, it becomes harder to recover. Therefore, it’s better if you take backup regularly to access any lost data. Now how to find deleted YouTube videos from backups?

If you’ve deleted any YouTube video, check for your backup folder on the PC. Once you find it, restore it to the desired location. However, keep in mind that the steps to find and recover YouTube deleted videos differ in OS versions or the backup tools. But whatever the method is, you can always find any video through the backup process.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly YouTube is a great social platform to watch, share or upload video-based content. From music to live sports, movies, it has immersed in people’s daily lives. At the same time, YouTube is very strict with its policy and guidelines. Thereby, videos containing any hatred, violence or negative actions are taken down immediately.

It may be difficult for a new YouTube creator to understand why this happened and how to solve it. So, they should be careful while uploading a video on this platform. Besides, viewers also become disappointed when their favorite videos get deleted.

Moreover, YouTube deletes a video without notifying its viewers. So, don’t be confused if you can’t find the video anymore in your watch list or favorite. Thankfully, it’s possible to find and watch it again. The methods in this article will surely be helpful to you. Though, it’s highly recommended to take a backup after you download a video in order to keep it secure.