How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram from PC

In order to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC, create a free account on, link your Instagram account and then start uploading.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit from your PC.


2. Click on Start for Free Today!

3. Fill up the details and click SIGN UP. A new account will be created and you’ll be redirected to the login page.

4. Enter your email id and password that you use to create the account and click LOGIN.

5. Login to your account to use the dashboard. Click Account manager from the left panel to connect your Instagram account.

6. On INSTAGRAM POSTING ACCOUNTS, click Add account.

7. A popup will open. Enter your Instagram username and password. Select between SMS or Email for the verification code. Now, click Add Account.

8. Once it’s done, you may receive a new login notification from Instagram because you’re connecting with the account through Grealty Social’s server. If you get such notification, select “This Was Me” to confirm.

Now you’ve successfully added an Instagram account to this tool.

9. Click Instagram from the left panel and choose Post.

10. On the opened window, tickmark the box beside your Instagram account name. It’s a confirmation that you want to upload photos to this account.

11. Next select Carousel (the default name is Media), before start uploading.

12. You can upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC by clicking file upload icon beside File manager in Greatly Social Dashboard.

13. Navigate to the folder on the PC containing photos you want to upload. Double click the first photo and it’ll start uploading. Repeat the process by clicking the file upload button and double-clicking the photos from the selected folder to add more photos.

14. When a photo is uploaded, it’ll be displayed on your screen in the “Add Image or Video” section. You can also preview it in the right panel of the tool.

15. Additionally, you can add a caption with a word limit of 2200, schedule a post by using the specific checkbox or use additional settings option to add advanced information like location or first comment.

16. Once you’re done, click Post now on the bottom right side.

17. Wait for a while to finish the upload. Once it’s successfully uploaded, you’ll get a confirmation popup at the bottom of the page.

And you’re done. It’s an effective way to post as many photos as you want from the PC to your Instagram profile.