How to Stream on Discord

Discord live streaming lets you broadcast your entire computer screen, an application window or voice call. It helps you connect with friends and communities in real-time.

If you want to stream on Discord, join a voice channel and choose the Video option to live stream using the webcam or Screen option to share the screen.

Additionally, streaming is only possible on Discord’s Windows or Mac desktop client, not on mobile or browsers. Let’s get into the process.


How to Stream on Discord?

To stream on Discord, here are the steps to follow:

1. Download and launch the Discord app on Windows or Mac desktop. You can’t start live streaming directly from Discord’s website or smartphone.

2. Launch the game or open the page to share. If you want to stream a game, make sure it’s opened. Or, open the page that you want to share.

3. Select and join a voice channel where you can stream. Make sure you’re allowed to stream live on that voice channel.

4. Choose Video or Screen in the voice status panel. There are two ways to stream depending on whether you’ll stream from the webcam or share your desktop screen.

5. If you select Video, the webcam will turn on and live streaming will start.

6. If you select Screen, a new popup window will open with different windows to share. Select the game, any individual application or the entire screen.

7. Select resolution and frame rate. There’ll be options to select a resolution and frame rate for your live broadcasting. But remember, the higher the resolution or frame rate, the more bandwidth Discord needs.

8. Click Go Live to stream on Discord. Once you’re all set with the settings, you can start the stream.

You can invite friends to join the voice channel and watch the stream. When you go live on Discord, they can see a “Live” icon beside your username in that voice channel.