How to Make Someone Admin or Moderator on Discord

If you own a server on Discord with a growing audience and new users keep joining it, you’re going to need administrators to manage tasks.

Discord server admins have all the privileges on the server like establishing participating rules, editing or deleting messages, banning members, removing moderators etc. Therefore, they should be the users you trust who can maintain the community guidelines.

Here, we’ll tell you how to make someone admin on Discord using a PC or Mac desktop.


Guide on how to make someone admin on Discord

In order to make someone admin on Discord, first, you need to create the role and then assign it to your members. Here are the steps to follow

1. Open Discord on a PC or Mac and select the server you own to assign someone as an admin.

2. Click server name and select Server Settings from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Roles and go to Default Permissions.

4. In order to create a new role, click the “+” sign icon.

5. Under the ROLE NAME section, rename the role as Admin or some other title you like. Click Create Role. You can also assign colors to differentiate.

6. Under EDIT ROLE, in the Display section, toggle on “Display role members separately from online members”.


7. Then, in the Permissions section, scroll down to the bottom and toggle on Administrator. Hit Save Changes below.

8. You can assign the created admin role to a member by clicking on the Members tab in the Server Settings menu.

9. Then, click the “+” sign right to the member’s name and choose the available role (Admin) for that member.

Now the member has all administrative permissions that you’ve assigned on your Discord server.