How to Make a Cool Logo: Make Your Own Logo Online

You would not see a big and successful brand without a logo; thus, it is considered an important part of the business. A logo has a major impact on the purchase decision, so it is quite natural that you would want your business to be outstanding and attractive.

Designing can be quite difficult if you do not have a professional degree and experience. The other way to get a logo is by getting professional-level services from a designer, but this can cost you 100s if not 1000s of dollars. Suppose you neither have the budget nor the experience of designing a logo. In that case, you should connect with free logo maker online tools.

In this deposition, we would try our best to tell you about the best ideas and the tools that can be used to generate an attractive logo. To create an attractive logo, you have to make sure that you know about the important steps you have to go through before using an online logo maker. If you are naïve about this designing mantra, you will find the next section interesting and informative.

Creation of the logo!

If you want to design or generate a logo by yourself, you have to make sure that you have a logo maker of good reputation and reliability. There are tons of logo creators on the web, but we would suggest using the ones that can polish your skills. You can try the online logo maker by SmallSeoTools. This tool also provides you with thousands of free Logo templates. You just have to pick out one of our templates and start designing your dream logo. The use of this logo maker is quite simple, and even a first-timer can use this logo maker website like a pro.

Important Steps for designing a logo in 2021

You need to follow these brief steps to design the perfect logo.

Understand why you need a logo

First, you need to understand why your business needs a logo. Your business is quite similar to a date, and you are always looking for potential customers and audience. Just like you put your profile picture on the dating applications, you have to put your logo on your business’s face to attract clients. Without a logo, your business has no identity, and this is why you have to give your absolute best look on the face. A professional and attractive logo has the power of communicating your message and goals to your potential audience. Furthermore, another important use of a logo is that it sets your business apart from the competition.

Define your brand identity

While you are designing with a logo maker tool, you have to ensure that the logo is defining your brand’s core identity. First, you have to get a clear idea of your business’s core personality and consider this personality. Below we have listed some queries that you can ask yourself to get a clear picture of your brand identity.

  • Why was the business started in the first place?
  • What are the values and beliefs that are of utmost importance to the business?
  • What sets the business apart from others in this league?
  • What makes the business special?
  • You must be able to describe your business/brand in three to four words!

Getting inspiration for the design

Without experience and inspiration, you can never make a good quality logo. We would want you to know that to make the designing process easier, and you have to look for inspiration. Below we have listed some tips which will help you with this imagination:

  • You have to first start with brainstorming. You have to consider all kinds of logo designs and types even if you do not like them. Sometimes even a horrible idea can result in a genius solution.
  • You have to think like your audience and make a list of the words you would use to describe the brand as a user. Give importance to customer feedback as this is the key to success.
  • We would want you to try this brainstorming aspect by getting your team on board. You must know that adding diversity to thoughts is the best way to get better logo ideas. The more brains, the better would be the final results.
  • You must consider not only one but multiple logo designs and ideas!

Check out the competition

This is especially important in professional logo designing. Checking out your competition does not mean that you have to copy their ideas or their emblem. This means that you are looking for the ideas that work in the niche you are working on and the ones that are getting a negative response from the audience. You can learn from other brands’ experiences and make your logo better and different from others. You have to ensure that you are setting your business apart from others with your logo’s help.

Choose your design style

A logo is of different styles, and you must select the design which suits your niche the most. You must know that styling is very important as it is the key to making your logo attractive. Different elements contribute to the styling of a logo. These elements include colors, shapes, font styles and other graphic elements. You have to keep on trying different combinations to make the result in good aesthetics. Some of the common styles of logos include:

  • Vintage logos
  • Fun and quirky logos
  • Modern logos
  • Classical design logos
  • Black and white logos
  • Handmade and crafted logo

Find the right type of logo for your business

Logos exist in different types, and you need to select the best logotype for your business. There are seven main types of logo from which you can select the one which complements your business the most. If you have never heard of the different types of logos, then you must read this list below:

  • Monogram logos are the ones that consist of letters like ABC. These letters are the initials of the brand name. Many famous brands are using this logotype, some of the well-known ones are HBO, IBM, and NASA!
  • The second type of wordmarks. This logo is the one in which you would see the business’s name alone in different styles. You can take the example of Google, Visa and even Coca-Cola.
  • Pictorial logos are the third main type of logos in which you would only see a picture or a symbol. You can take the example of the bird logo used by Twitter and Apple Inc’s Apple logo.
  • Abstract logos are also one of the main types of logos that are directly related to Pictorial logos. These logos are marks that are used specifically by those businesses and have no other meanings. You can take the example of the logo used by Pepsi Cola!
  • Mascot logos are the ones that have a cartoonish appearance. These logos work as the spokesperson of the brand. Some of the famous examples of this kind of logo are by KFC.
  • The combination marks are the type of logos in which you would use both text and pictures. These logos are very much attractive and expressive. You can take the example of Lacoste and Burger King!
  • The emblem logo is the one in which you would see the text or brand name designed in the symbol or picture, just like Starbucks and Harvard University’s logo.

Paying attention to the colors

You must pay attention to your logo’s color scheme if you want to attract the maximum audience or if you want to focus on the aesthetics of the business. Every color has its meaning and identity, and if you do not know about this theory, then you should need to read the details that we have listed below:

  • Red color stands for excitement and passion. This is a great choice for younger brands.
  • Orange color portrays a vibrant nature and is best to be used in energetic brands.
  • Yellow is the color that gives a cheerful and friendly outlook. This is best for youthful brands.
  • The green color is a versatile one and can be used by food and nature related businesses.
  • Blue is a classical color and is a common choice in logo designs. This color shows maturity and trust.
  • Purple color is used in logos of luxurious brands.
  • Pink is often used to represent feminine brands and businesses.
  • Brown may seem like an odd color but is best for vintage and handmade brands and businesses.
  • Black is used to portraying sleek and modern brands.

Pick the right font style

You must focus on the font styles that you have to use in your logo. The text you have to add in your logo should complement your brand and the pictures of symbols you have added in the logo. You have to make sure that the font styles provide a modern and elegant look to the logo. Serif and Sans Serif font styles are the two most common font styles that are used in logos.

Communicate with your audience

After finalizing the style and other aspects, you have to create a bunch of logo designs and put them before a set of audience interested in your products or the niche you are working on. You have to take the opinion of this audience to tweak your designs and update them in the best possible way.

Indeed, changing a logo now and then is not responsible, but that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the customer expectations and feedback. You can also take opinion from a professional designer to have clarity before finalizing the end design.

Pick the best design!

We would suggest that you never settle for a single design when you are in the process of creation. You have to keep your options wide, and for that, you have to design five to six logos. After getting feedback and opinions from experts, you have to give this a final thought and pick the best design which suits your brand the most.

A good logo is one that is unique and distinctive in its league, is memorable, is scalable and can be used anywhere, and lastly reflects the identity and mission of your brand.

Learn from the failures of other businesses

You must know that when you finalize the free logo design, you have to make sure that you know about the failed logo ideas, styles and designs used by other businesses in the past. Once you have published the logo design on the digital or conventional platforms, there is very spacious for improvement and removal.

If you do so, then you would simply be losing your credibility along with a large chunk of the audience. Furthermore, this change can give your competitors and new businesses to steal your identity and ideas!