How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live As a Viewer And A Host

Do annoying and distracting comments bother you while hosting/viewing Instagram Live?

Well, you can disable or hide the comments on your Instagram Live.

Instagram Live feeds are a great way of interacting with your followers.

how to hide comments on instagram live

But sometimes viewers make offensive and inappropriate comments during the live stream. 

In this article, you will learn how to hide comments on Instagram Live.

So, if you are annoyed with the comments and want to hide them, read along.

Why Would Someone Want to Hide Comments During an Instagram Live Broadcast?

Instagram Live feature is engaging and challenging for broadcasters.

Some creators choose to hide comments during their live sessions to maintain focus and reduce interruptions.

When discussing sensitive topics, hiding comments can ensure a safe and respectful conversation.

Disabling comments during sensitive live broadcasts creates a respectful environment.

Some prefer to remove comments on mobile to enhance a clearer view on mobile screens.

Top influencers often receive too many comments during Instagram Live, so they choose to mute them.

Every Instagram Live is different, hiding comments depends on the broadcaster’s goal.

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live?

With Instagram Live users can interact with followers in real-time.

Instagram Live has features like collaborative split screens, filters, and the ability to monetize through badges.

On Instagram Live, you can invite guests and host for Q&As session using the questions sticker.

If users have a “Close Friends” list on Instagram, they can choose to go live only for them.

After going live, broadcasters can share the video on Instagram Story, IGTV, or other platforms to broaden its visibility.

So engage with your audience with the Live feature of Instagram, and if comments become overwhelming you have the option to hide it.

Read on to learn how to hide comments on Instagram Live as a host and a viewer.

Hide Comments On Instagram Live As a Host

To hide comments on Instagram Live as a host follow the below steps.

  • Open your Instagram mobile app.
  • Tap the Plus icon at the bottom menu bar.
  • Select “Live” by sliding the bottom carousel.
  • Tap the “Live” button to stream.
  • Tap the Ellipsis icon on the comment bar.
  • Tap “Turn off commenting” from the pop-up menu.
  • You will see “comments off” on the comment bar, indicating that comments are disabled.

Hide Comments On Instagram Live As a Viewer

While watching Instagram Live, your screen can get flooded with hundreds of comments. 

It can be distracting, particularly for obstructing your view, when watching a Live video. 

However, you cannot hide comments on Instagram Live as a viewer from your smartphone or PC/Mac.

Earlier, it could be done from a PC/Mac using the Chrome IG Story extension. But that, too, is no longer available. 

So, you cannot hide the comments on Instagram Live as a viewer; only if the host turns off the comment will you not see them.


Does Instagram Live comments show to all follower?

The Instagram Live comments will be visible to all followers, who can comment on them. However, no one can see or comment if the host has turned off the comments.  

How do I disable other people’s comments while watching Instagram Live?

You cannot disable or hide comments while watching Instagram Live. However, you can disable comments on Instagram Live if you are the live-stream host.

Can people see your comments on Instagram Live if you’re private?

People or the public cannot see your comments on Instagram Live. Only your followers can see your comments on Instagram Live. 

How do I turn off comments on Instagram Live?

You can turn off comments on Instagram Live by tapping the Ellipsis icon in the comments section and selecting the “Turn off commenting” option from the pop-up menu. For detailed information on the same, refer to the above blog.

Can people comment on my Instagram live if I turn off comments?

People cannot comment on your Instagram Live if you have turned off or disabled comments.


Instagram Live streams boost your content’s engagement and reach a large audience in real-time.

They are interactive, which allows viewers to state their feedback and opinions in the comments section. However, these comments can sometimes be toxic and offensive and bother the Live streamer.   

This guide discusses how to hide comments on Instagram Live so that you can turn off comments while streaming online.

Give it a go and have a blast!